Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki, the perfect secretary

Wanna know my zip code? – Whatever you want I’ve got it covered or uncovered, as the case may be. I’m super efficient – the perfect secretary, in fact.

Well read – As long as there are pictures in it I’ll read it. You’re guaranteed skimpy dresses in the workplace too.

Not so hidden depths – I can mingle successfully in any company. In fact, I’m renowned for my mingling.

Suki, probably the best secretary in the world – My boss will never lack for anything. I have a full repertoire and a full mouth sometimes too.

Suki is addicted – Yes, I’m addicted to always providing good service to my employer, though, of course, I have my specialisms.

Suki’s natural habitat – I’m always willing to take “work” home with me when the need arises.

Suki’s secretarial interview – As you can see I’m not a complete slut. One has to draw the line somewhere.

The boss lays it on the line – I’m naturally cooperative and obedient when I have to be.

The walls are closing in – I’ll even come to work when I’m not feeling 100 per cent.

You’re the boss – I fully accept my position relative to the wealthy Alpha male.

Suki’s love is consistent – I’d never let sentiment stand in the way of economic reality.

Masked balls-up – Sociaising with my employer certainly belongs in my core duties.

My boyfriend’s boss – I understand the concept of short-term consultancy work to further one’s own or one’s dependents’ interests.

Showing appreciation – Of course, I appreciate being appreciated by my boss.

A secretary and her boss – The relationship is a delicate one but almost always involves fucking.

My luxurious pussy – It didn’t take long for me to be fucked across the desk, leaving me totally clear about my future role with the firm.

The boss drives me home – Some bosses need a tiny bit of encouragement before they are ready to plunge a dick between my thighs.

I’ll do anything you say – Some female bosses can be even more authoritarian than a male. I know better than to disobey.

Suki knows what men like – The impromptu blowjob is always popular with the younger managerial type.

Fast service – When a quick fuck is all the boss has time for, my pussy can be wet and ready in seconds.

Wearing panties for once – Many bosses consider that they are entitled to fuck their secretaries regardless of other considerations. When you are grabbed roughly from behind there isn’t much opportunity for protracted negotiations.

A good secretary’s work is never done – No sooner is one fuck over than it’s time for another. I can forget about filing (my nails) for another day!

The secretary’s role – I think this sums up my role nicely. Oh, well, better get to it, I guess!

The perfect PA – A personal assistant must be ready to whip off her specs and burst out of her blouse at a moment’s notice, if the boss demands it.

He just asked me to marry him – The boss will go to any lengths to have his way with you, including lying through his teeth, the bastard!

The boss’s lunchtime snack – Snatch snacking is par for the course in many offices. I’m happy to be munched for lunch though.

“Don’t dress so sexily in front of my wife” – One treads a delicate balance between pleasing the boss and displeasing his wife. It’s amazing how rarely a threesome is on the cards in such circumstances.

The punishment fits the crime – Any excuse to get his hands on me and touch my fanny. Stockings and suspenders are standard office uniform for an accomplished secretary.

“You wanna dictate to me, eh?” – There may come a time when you have to strike back for the sisterhood. It’s surprising how many bosses will capitulate at once when faced with an angry assistant.

Who is the boss? – Maybe the real power in the boss-secretary relationship lies in the hands of the sexual gate-keeper. If he wants you enough he’ll do what you say, or else!

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