Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The definitive Suki

The world is mine – OK, I’m over-dramatising things, but you know what I mean. It’s a bit over-the-top even for me!

Surfboard Suki – Now all I have to do is stand up on the bloody thing. No chance, I hear you say!

Suki’s magazine cover – Love, sex and madness just sums me up beautifully in three words.

Fast girls – Fast cars, fast women, slow sex. I’m right at home.

Girls with attitude – The Vegas streets are a tough place to do business, honey.

Suki is ready – What do you mean I don’t look ready? I suppose it would depend on where I’m going. I think people appreciate me more when I’m a little under-dressed.

I’ll have it off in a second – But first, the fluffy jumper. You guys are so impatient.

Perfect working order – The Hooters’ medical sure is a toughy.

Are you going to fuck me, Mr Rabbit? – A girl just has to lay back and think Watership Down meets Bugs Bunny!

I axed him nicely – Don’t mess with Suki when she has a chopper in her hands!

Let’s devour the redhead – Gypsy and I get stuck into a honeypot!

Suki’s new playthings – I have the upper hand here and I intend to keep it that way.

Can we lead you into temptation? – Ah, the graveyard shift is here. Let’s fuck among the headstones.

You love it, Red – My knee excites you, doesn’t it, honey? I’m gonna have hours of fun with you tonight.

Stamping her authority – My boss obviously wants to let me know who is in charge. Of course, I knew already. Even though I am a powerful pussy-wielder, it’s my job to be submissive.

Bondage babe Suki – It’s reflected in my home life too. Bound and gagged is me at my best.

Suki’s typical weekend – Oooh! Heaven!

Fucking Suki in shifts – You can’t finish a day early, guys! It’s just not fair!

Horse’s whore – Thank goodness there was a replacement horse service on the go by Sunday afternoon.

Who’s the boss? – He’s paddled me up the pole and now he’s just got to fuck me. Please say you will!

Batman is needed elsewhere – Too busy crime-fighting to fuck his Suki. And he still has the nerve to call himself a super hero!

You bet I’m pissed off – Fuck, I’ve even brought spare dildo batteries and I’m still left high and dry.

Suki in chains – Well, this is pretty definitive, isn’t it? All set up with nobody to fuck me!

Helpless Suki – So this is how I sometimes connect with guys on the beach. Funny, it almost always works.

It’s not cricket – It’s not my lucky conservatory stocks either! At least she had the decency to fuck me afterwards.

Piss here – I have a feeling that some people are going to urinate down my throat at any moment. Perhaps I’ve let my submissiveness take me a tiny smidgin too far.

Do you like my hose? – As well as turning her teeshirt see-thru I think I’ll give her a fireman’s lift too.

What’s your pleasure, honey? – A glans massager coupled with a whipped backside will probably do the trick for you.

Suki’s revenge – This is hurting me more than it’s hurting you, honey! (Oh, yeah?)

Reporting for duty, Admiral – The fleet’s in and the tits are out, sir. Permission to come alongside is granted.

Let me be your Xmas bauble – I’m saying happy holidays with a strip and a smile.

Santa’s sexy little helper – Come and claim your present before I fly away!

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