Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

This is Suki

Hot sex with teen Suki – I seem keen here, don’t I? It’s because I am. This gorgeous red-head was one of the mature women who initiated me into the joys of lesbian sex.

Capturing my essence – Yes, I look so much better in this picture than in real life which is why I’m so fond of it.

All aboard, Skipper – As a first mate there is no one better than an ocean-going Suki!

Sun-kissed Suki – This is the life for me. Hedonism is my biggest weakness.

Water baby! – You can’t keep me out of it. Give me a wave.

Suki in the water – Ocean, sea, lake, pool, tub – I’m right at home!

Illustrated obsession – Sometimes I worry about the guys who draw me. Am I too much for them?

Dreaming of Suki – This is some machine to reproduce me so accurately.

Wanna drink a little Suki, Senor? – It’s a Mexican stand-out. I seem to have exhausted Pablo who is taking a siesta, leaving me free to snap myself a gringo tourist.

The right room number – This guy seems disappointed by my perfectly reasonable business proposition. He’d thought he was getting it for free!

Ravished Suki – Some guys lose all self-control when they’re around me. I wonder why that is?

Hands on with Suki – I’m a fan of the tag-team approach. When one guy gets tired, his team-mate steps in and takes over.

Any excuse – This isn’t the Heimlich Manoeuvre, more like the grab Suki’s tits manoeuvre!

Post traumatic stress – The US male is often hard to restrain first thing in the morning.

I should spread my legs for that? – If you ain’t got the equipment, you ain’t doing the job, honey.

You seem mesmerised by something – Is it the jewellery or the tits? That is the question.

Do you really think that? – That I’d look better with a pony-tail or do you just want a clear view of my breasts?

I’m a writer too – Maybe we can write together sometime soon!

I expect you’re longing for some “milk” – Do you like your coffee with or without? Of course, I mean “sex!”

Coming as standard – “Well, Ms Jensen-Ramirez, what kind of car would you like? Here’s a nice red one. You get a free salesman with that particular model.”

No trim today – Aw, shucks, Maw! And I need it so badly, too!

Behave yourself – Come off it, honey! Do I look like the sort of girl who behaves herself?

He sacked the maid – “You can come back to bed, Suki. I sacked the live-in maid this morning!”

A glistening pussy – It’s so shiny that I can see my face in it. Yes, I’ve always had an ability to predict the future, at least by a few seconds anyway!

Spooky Suki – My Goth phase which hopefully won’t last long.

The wonder of Suki – Us heroines have a super time!

WonderSuki – I must save humanity from itself! I wonder what that means.

Slave no more – I throw off my chains and I’m once again Mistress of my own destiny!

What to buy now? – So, I’m free to go shopping. Yippee!

Combat-ready Suki – Blonde me is ready for action. Why not start with a cool beer?

Young and sweet – Oh, yes. I can be soft, fluffy and feminine too. Wanna cupcake?

That’s what I call a model – Oooh! I’m getting more attention than the nude model. I must be doing something right. I bet it’s the black stockings!

What do I do next? – “Suki, please remind me. It’s so long since I’ve had the opportunity to fuck someone!”

Some people just don’t like Christmas – So I had myself bound and gagged as a Christmas present for Santa when he came down the chimney. How was I to know that he’s a misogynist who hates Christmas!

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