Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Viva Suki

Tequila anyone? – I’m on holiday in Mexico and getting into the ambiance of the place. The local beverage helps a lot.

Quick kiss – Making friends with the natives is an essential part of any good holiday.

Bosom buddies – I try to take it as far as I can which can be pretty far.

We overlap – This is the Tequila effect, so I’m told.

Bathtime – Yes, the natives are surprisingly friendly.

Togetherness – Relaxing in good company.

Is this a fight or sex? – Her cunt is telling me that it’s sex.

I’ll just double-check this – Everything points to arousal.

Yea, it’s sex -  No doubt now. Our pussies are melding.

Definitely sex – She’s spreading herslf wide open for me. We can touch clits.

Touching bases – Looks like I’m gonna click with this chick too.

Are you kidding me? – She has fucking emotional issues with lesbianism!

Whatever turns you on – She gave me a cute amulet. I think her pet armadillo was against the idea.

Sisterhood – At last, I’m getting somewhere with her. We had our hair done together in the same salon.

Intimacy – Yep, result! God, she’s sexy!

A tit to tit talk – Fuck! Her Ex could be a problem. I’ll play it cool.

A nice clean fight – Back on more familiar territory – guys fighting over me!

Seductive Suki – Something is wrong. My charms are not working on this guy.

So romantic – Surely he must succomb under a moon like this.

A golden fuck – I knew I could have it in me! The old Suki magic works again.

Dancing Suki – I think I shall walk like an Egyptian.

Dance with me – You know you want to.

Suki gets naked – I can do a really quick strip. No teasing involved.

Nude for you – I’ve buffed up my ass especially.

You like ass, don’t you? – You want ass, you get ass! Hello, cheeky!

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