Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Yet more blonde Suki

A regular fucking – My regular clients are the best. We both know what we’re giving and getting and everyone is happy.

Elementary kissing table – Me, I like being kissed everywhere and as often as possible.

Guide to foreplay – Now there’s no excuse for not knowing, is there?

Anatomically correct – “All Suki’s bits are in the right place. It’s quite remarkable really that she’s willing to give up her time for a high school class.”

Suki bunny – I shall take innocence to a new level, shall I?

Sweet innocence – Yes, I may just have cracked it. Virginal me!

Stuffed at both ends – Perhaps a more familiar image of your everyday Suki.

Bad Suki – There’s no doubt I deserve this but David Mitchell of all people?

Switching to superspeed suction mode – Who knew that I had this setting? It’s hard to beat a good “What the butler saw,” isn’t it?

Deep throats – My two favourite pastimes combined, yea!

Swamp fuck – Anywhere is a good place to fuck me.

Put it into me – The roaming crocodiles just add that extra spice to an already tension-filled situation.

Suki on her knees – Yes, a good healthy diet is important. I must have my five portions of cock per day at all costs.

Super threesome – This super guy and the girl who brought her own wings were excellent company, I reckon.

Super pussy – Why she insisted on keeping her wings on I’m not sure. Perhaps she just wanted to take off whenever she felt like it.

Super kisses – Yes, she kissed just like an angel too. Heavenly!

Super wings – The girl baled out before her feathers were ruffled too much.

Super cock – Actually I could never get enough “Suki fuel” but at least you can’t blame a girl for trying.

Super orgasm – The decibels go through the roof as I scream my way to another world-shattering orgasmic climax.

Little green men – My friend Gypsy, who is sometimes mistaken for me, enjoys an out-of-this-world cock-sucking session.

Eat your greens – The four of us had great fun with the jolly green giant.

Alien fucker – The incredible bulk of his cock banged me against the reinforced plexi-glass at the Planetarium.

We must do it again – All of us seemed to want an immediate encore.

A happy ending – We never did find out who was wearing the green alien suit but I think everyone was happy in the end.

Dogging – This particular dog was really into the whole foreplay thing with a vengeance. Had he spied a morsel of meat lodged in the back of my mouth?

Is that your own banana? – If he won’t keep it out of the way, how am I to know how many bananas he’s bought.

This is the real BBC – I came in search of Big Black Cock and I didn’t find it here.

Sick scents – I think he eventually got the message that some personal hygiene issues were getting in the way of a satisfactory outcome.

Suki is a showgirl – Don’t start comparing me with your wife. She hasn’t a chance, poor thing!

Sexy Santa baby Suki – Now who wouldn’t want me for Christmas?

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