Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

A very special Suki

Fucking while you wait – Yes, waiting on the platform for your train to come can be so boring, can’t it? Oh, two guys doing nothing in particular. There’s the answer to boredom. Let’s fuck, guys!

Little Devil Suki – Since I’m so busy corrupting innocent young men I might as well go the whole hog and turn professional as a sex siren/she-devil. And to ensure maximum mobility I’ll go on rollerskates and turn myself into a one-person red-light district. Sorted!

Lost in Sukiworld – When I’m writing I just seem to go up myself and ignore everything around me. It’s called “concentration” for those who have never experienced it!

Going mad in the kitchen – I’m not an axe-murderess really. This just illustrates the point that I don’t like being judged by people who just stare at me without actually knowing me and who then make assumptions.

Good with a knife – Whoops! I’ve got that mad, serial-killer look in my eye again. But they’re only pumpkins, officer!

Penis enlargement – Sometimes one has to resort to extreme measures in one’s search for that elusive big dick.

Kiss my ass, honey – Every girl enjoys being worshipped and if I have to whip ass to achieve that then I will.

A teen fuck for Suki – Of course, my boyfriend’s son is eighteen. He just looks young for his age here. I think every young man deserves a treat on his birthday.

Sex on the beach – I couldn’t resist this shy redhead and having an audience just made the whole thing all the more piquant.

Comforting Joy – I’m a shoulder to cry on for all my friends or in this case a bare breast to snuggle up to.

Eating the Princess – A royal pussy is still a pussy and therefore edible!

Little Miss Coy – Butter is not melting in my mouth and, yes, I am sitting on a hot air current.

Fishnet poser – The other side of me and blonde but still able to sit on nothing but a back draft of air. It’s a gift!

Suki, Mistress of the Jungle – I’m in the heat of the jungle which also means I’m in heat in the jungle. The natives are restless but not restless enough, I’m thinking.

Suki goes and fucks herself – As you know, Me look-alikes have a special place in my heart. Call it narcissism if you wish but I just know what I fancy, OK?

Keeping Suki on the straight and narrow – I’m a “fuck-me-anywhere” kinda girl! And in case you’re wondering the pilot did make it back to the plane’s cockpit just in time. I love a good cockpit, me!

Suki fucks an alien – A girl can dream, can’t she? Space girl me has even more fun than the real me!

Shocking treatment – Pump up the volume! One of my look-alike girlfriends is giving me electro-therapy in an experiment to test my multi-orgasmic capacity. Let’s say I’m glad I came.

Leather hottie – Ooohhh! A skin-tight encasing of leather really turns me on! So sexy!

Cave Girl Suki – So it would seem that my ancient ancestor Cave Girl Suki also got a thrill out of being tortured by her “boyfriend.” Is it me or is it roasting in here?

Enslaving Suki – Just another typical pose in the daily life of your favourite Suki.

Hanging pussy garden – Apparently I’m not the only girl to be strung up and fucked. It’s a regular pastime for some.

Nun for me – This is not a real nun but it was a real gangbang. I still get the nightmares!

New models in stock – “I’ve heard you have the latest models from Paris just in, storekeeper. I want to trade in these two as part exchange.”

Three sex slaves and one cunt – Yes, it’s just one long round of being tied up and fucked, and no, I’m not the least bit bored by it.

A drunk for Suki – Life in the brothel was not all plain sailing for poor little teenage me.

This way, honey – I think I’d make an excellent guide dog for all the budding Stevie Wonders of the World.

Seat of honour for Suki – Sitting on a big, black cock takes me to Heaven every time.

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