Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Blondes have more fun with black guys

No limits cock for Suki – There’s just something about me being blonde and with black guys around. My common sense goes out the window and, before I know it, they’re fucking me like rabbits.

A slave for cock – This image pretty much sums up my relationship with big black cocks. I feel irresistibly tied to them and totally helpless to do anything but suck and fuck.

Beauty Queen Suki – Fortunately, black guys seem to appreciate me as much as I appreciate them. Being voted “Girl Most Likely To” in a nightclub contest by the all black audience gave me a confidence boost. I think my full title was probably “Girl Most Likely To Suck Black Dick” as that’s what happened straight after my victory parade.

Two big ones for Suki – As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Fucking and sucking in the John – It may not be the Ritz but it’s good enough for me to pursue my favourite pastime.

The perfect restroom – Welcome to my temporary office, sir. I hope my special service will not disappoint you.

The bigger the dick, the harder I fall – Proportionately speaking I reckon this one is going into my pussy and out of my mouth.

A facial for Suki – Being showered with cum is an occupational hazard that I’m happy to put up with.

A quickie for Suki – My sexy underwear had been taking one hell of a beating until I finally convinced this guy to ravish me when I’m naked rather than before.

Banging Suki – The headboard takes more of a banging than me in this situation.

You’re so big – When guys bring a friend I can always find room for one more.

A double bang – My ideal sexual position is sandwiched between two huge black guys.

I choose you – Yes, I’m shallow enough to go for massive muscles and giant bulges in the shorts!

Submissive ol’ me – I think I know how to please men. It involves always doing what they want and giving them what they want. Simple really!

I recognise that dick – Sometimes you can tell exactly who’s fucking you, even if they sneak up behind you or you’re wearing a blindfold!

Oh, fuck! – I know what he wants for Christmas and he can have it all year round too!

Open air sex show – Another way to satisfy two customers at once. Everybody’s happy, especially me.

Follow me, Suki – You can never get too much black cock. It’s so totally addictive, believe me.

Double the taste – Girl-cum and boy-cum can blend together inside a contented Suki.

I have to use my imagination – I have a vivid imagination and, fuck, are there times when I really need to use it!

Cum connoisseuse Suki – When you drink as much cum as I do you get to appreciate the finer vintages.

Jim’s solid dong – Jim doesn’t mind me naming him as he knows how fond of him I am. Keep it a secret, but it’s really his dick that I appreciate most about him.

Suki is a fuck doll – Lead me not into temptation, because my powers of resistance are zero.

Suki is surrounded in the toilet – There is nothing my boyfriend or I can do in this scenario. We just have to go with the flow which is mostly into or over me.

Suki is choking on cock – I am not a Barbie Doll, although I may be a Suki Doll and much better value for it.

A shower is vital – After so many guys fucking me I need to unwind, clean up my act and relax. Hooray!

Suki knows how to pole dance – Wow! I can appeal to white guys too!

Go figure – I’m just a cute little girl from California. What can all these men see in me?

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