Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Carry on Suki

Finger me – Red is so good with her fingers that she can bring us both off simultaneously with consummate ease. She’ll always find my pussy even when I hide it in a grass skirt.

Clit to clit – The only way for two girls to dance really. I’m sure this is how “rubbing me up the wrong way” came to be a “clitché.”

Fuck that pussy – Nude sunbathing inevitably leads to a dildo in the pussy. It’s a fact of life.

Lick me, baby – My pussy is never content unless it has at the very least a tongue in it. Oooh, that tickles.

Come here – I’m throwing down the gauntlet. The challenge is to make me come from kissing alone. It is possible.

Head to head – Let’s think seriously for a moment about what we are about to do. Thinking done!

My crystal ball – I know what my future holds – a lot more of the same.

Worship me with your cum – I’ll sign an autograph no matter how busy I am. My fans are the most important people to me, especially if they have orgasms over me.

I need your cum – It’s the real elixir of my life, I think. Spray me with your sexual juices, everyone.

My Honey, Monster – The more tongues you’ve got, the more I’ll love you.

Loving dick – Mmmmhhh! Any dick in a storm. These balls are nowhere near empty yet.

Shaggy-shaggy all day – Doggy style works for me!

Should I be outed? – When I was at school I worried about such things. Now, I don’t give a shit.

Grasping for bliss – DIY is best done in an armchair with your eyes firmly closed.

Witch way now? – Sleeping with the enemy, eh? This could be the start of some party!

See you later, alligator – Thankfully I can outswim any fellow amphibians. In this case I had quite an incentive as well.

Suki is shooting a private video – I hope this hasn’t been posted somewhere on the net. Do tell me if it has.

Catching Suki in the bath – A shaven pussy shouldn’t go to waste, should it?

My pussy has your name on it – What an actress I am! Ahem! It’s so ridiculously easy really, just like me, in fact.

Tongue-fucking the Gypsy – Of course, the batteries gave out long before we were finished!

A cat fight over Suki – Fortunately, before they came to blows, I managed to assuage the ire of my two friends and we had a nice little threesome to cement the peace process.

Another notch on my bed – Another night, another lover! What a lucky pussy I’ve got!

Sweet dreams, Suki – My routine before going to bed helps to ensure I have the right dreams when I’m sleeping alone. My harem look is sure to inspire some “fucking” dreams!

My favourite dream – You may think this is over the top but I know what I like, guys. Shouldn’t all men be colour-coded anyway?

Give me black dick – Black cock just has to be my all-time favourite. I wonder is this guy going to make me beg for it or will my short skirt send him the message?

I did ask for it – Didn’t I though! Every girl should have at least one of these fuckers before she’s thirty!

Forty guys fuck Suki – Sometimes I do binge on big black cock. I just have no self-control when it comes to luxuries!

Oh, fuck! – My asshole is getting it again and I’m being split in two! What the fuck!

Totally fucked! – Now he’s behind me and fucking the life out of me. There’s cum everywhere! Fuck me!

I’m all yours – Any thoughts on what you’d like to do to me? I can put forward some ideas if you’ve drawn a blank!

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