Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Everyone should fuck Suki

Hanging around with Suki – I will keep getting into these awkward situations where people seem to think I want to be tied up, tortured and beaten, all because of a few such scenes in my novel “The Pussy Pendulum.” May I state here for the record that it is not, repeat, NOT necessary to be a ropes expert or a cudgel wielder in order to have sex with me! If you’re a normal person you can fuck me too. In fact, fuck it, I insist! Everyone should fuck me at least once.

Spraying Suki – If you simply must cover me in cum I won’t object but I’m just as happy to be sprayed with party poppers really!

Sucking and fucking with Suki – When people suck on my nipples I regard it as a positive thing. It is something that I really enjoy, even when total strangers come up to me and do it, OK?

Suki doesn’t throw her toys out of the pram – Some people play with rattles, I play with cocks! That’s just the way it is! You can still call me “baby” if you want to.

Suki always gets her man – Ugly men can fuck me for money, while handsome men can fuck me for free. That’s just the way the world is. I didn’t make the rules!

Sex addict Suki – Sex is my currency. Wanna trade?

Fucking mouth-watering – There’s something about a big, black cock. It gets all my juices flowing. I need it, the way some people need alcohol.

Suck on that pleasure stick – Not many people will voluntarily choke for a living but I’m one of them.

It’s fornication time – Oh, no it isn’t! I have had all the fucking I want with Mr BBC. Now it’s time to relax those pubic muscles and enjoy the sunshine.

Business is booming – Well, the sex business is! I definitely need that fan to cool off my fanny.

Home movie – When nobody else is present the camera can fuck me instead.

Suki nabs herself the best man – Well, it’s traditional, isn’t it? The best man at a wedding gets off with the prettiest bride’s maid. Maybe I was too much of a handful for this guy. One probably shouldn’t tell all about one’s past sex life straight away either.

Jungle bungle – “I said I wanted monkey nuts, honey. You didn’t have to get me gorilla’s balls … from three live gorillas!”

Suki slammed – Basketball players are tall, aren’t they? I love being picked up like this but please don’t bounce me on the ground every few steps and then throw me over the shower curtain. A conventional fucking against the wall will do!

A mule for sexy Suki – This donkey wasn’t even Mexican, never mind Spanish! Somehow donkeys from Blackpool just aren’t the same, are they?

You asshole, you pussy – No, I’m not insulting these guys. I’m just designating action areas for each of them. We’ll still need a third guy to make sure all my bases are loaded. Are you free?

I think we should fuck – It’s just a thought but, as ideas go, I think it’s a good one.

I’m so bad I’m good – I’m just a devil woman with evil on my mind. But in a good way!

Suki doll (bathroom edition) – How could anyone refuse to fuck this soaking little silicon fuck-doll or the one in the picture either?

Suki – A nipple makes a sudden break for freedom. I gave it the green light.

Suki nude – Pencil me in for Friday, honey. Yeah!

Suki pussy – The legs are open and so is the invitation.

Suki is an oil painting – I used not to be but now I am. Hooray!

Suki reclining – You wait forever and then two come along at once.

Supersuki – That purposeful stride tells you I’m on a mission. Mankind must be saved and I’m the girl to do it. I must fuck the world.

Suki’s mouth is paradise – It’s the feather light touch that makes the difference.

The hand that rocks the pussy – Well, what else can teenage girls do when they’re alone together in the bedroom?

Ride the Suki bitch – My gypsy fuck-buddy has jumped me again.

Pussy lovers – Yes, press my face into that pussy. I need a good munch on a hot cunt.

Pussy party – Whoever sent out the invites didn’t include one little pussy but I guess we’ll let her play too. You can never have enough pussy!

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