Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

How’s about it, Suki?

Something fishy – God, sailors are so unreliable, aren’t they? One minute you’re swimming together in the ocean and the next they’ve upped anchor and away. Talk about spoiling a romantic sunset!

Mermaid on the move – I guess I’ll just have to swim alone for a while.

Suki, the rock years – Or else sit pining on a rock like a … like a … well, like a mermaid.

Let’s go topless – There are, of course, consolations on the beach in the form of horny little madams.

Waterfall fun – The possibilities are endless when you pour water over yourself and other people.

The natives are restless – This Apache lesbian group meets regularly at a local watering hole. Very brave.

Someone is watching – A psychedelic chill will overcome any peeping toms.

A ladylike fucking – We can follow that up with a strap-on dildo in the anus of the nearest kindred spirit.

Sitting comfortably – Still time for a midnight chat before calling it a day.

Tongue in the mouth – Goodnight, sweetheart! The proper way to clean teeth.

The pussy licking Queen – There are other important areas to be licked until they are sparkling new before lights out.

This guy has a tongue in his head – A very thorough clean-out, I fancy!

Fighting fit – One must keep oneself in tip-top condition, but we’ll skip that for now.

What do you want? – Can’t a girl relax for a moment without interruption?

A magic fuck – Oh, my! That’s woken me up alright!

Do you guys know each other? – Bringing people together is a big part of what I try to do.

Suki is the choice – Some people don’t know when they’re onto a good thing!

Fast and furious Suki – What is the point in beating about the bush, exactly?

Riding the Suke – Oh, yes. Give it to me hard and fast!

Graze anatomy – I don’t mind him doing that. It’s what happens when he’s finished eating that worries me!

Suki is an honorary swan – I just know that these swans are going to fuck me. I should never have worn these panties.

Sexy Suki – nice ass! – I’ve worked in a lot of fields but once guys get a view of your ass there is really only one job you’re going to be allowed to do!

Perfect ass – At least this guy’s home is up-market and he knows his asses.

He pulled – My hair as well as my pussy! Nice dick though and the money is good.

No porn star wedding for Suki – When this guy told me he wanted to marry a porn star I got my hopes up, but he obviously didn’t mean me. Fortunately, the dress had only been hired for the day.

I love my breasts – They are my crowd pleasers and enjoy all the attention they get when I’m naked.

Spidersuki – I’m not great with heights, hence the wide ledge here. However, I do a very nice creep up behind you on the sofa, if you’re interested.

Suki naked in the city – Someone told me that this is the quickest way to succeed in New York so I’ll give it a try. I may need one of you to post bail for me, but otherwise I’m good!

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