Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

In search of Suki

Right on the nose – I think I may have overdone things with my new nose stud.

Blossoming – A pre-implant view of your favourite Suki.

Egyptian girl – I must just scoot along to the Pyramids to meet my Hawaiian boyfriend.

A wink as good as a nod – Right this way, sir. I hope you’re ready to fuck.

Patchwork and pigtails – Your basic Stone Age Suki was forever fondling her pussy. So no evolutionary change there then.

Bedroom eyes – Caught me with my baby-doll top off! Oh, well, we probably should fuck.

Suki gets excited – By exploring my website you are, in fact, exploring me. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Lots of pussy!

Remembering last night – My morning-after etiquette prevents me from just leaping into the shower with last night’s pussy.

Grave situation – Hanging out in the cemetery waiting for stiffs is OK if you’re a Zombie lover!

Hanging on for a threesome – Ooohhh! Decisions, decisions. Pussy-cock, cock-pussy? So much choice makes me dizzy!

Handle with care – Whatever you use to fuck me should be well-lubricated, honey.

Massage me – I hope my masseuse friend will swop with me. I like to work with real curves rather than lumps of fat.

Making the breast of it – This is what I mean. Squeezing breasts can be really uplifting!

The “wrong” sex-party – Can any party where there is lots of “me-fucking” time be wrong? Perhaps not but I don’t want to be drugged, thank you. They didn’t realise it but there was no need to drug me before fucking me all night.

The orgasmatron is on – Oh, those higher settings! I love those elaborate sex machines with their staying-power infinity setting.

Fucking me from dusk till dawn – Have I learned a lesson from this experience? Yes. When considering future party invitations I will have to check if they have an orgasmatron in the house before accepting.

Suki goes philanthropic – Yes, I do care about my co-workers, if not my sexist boss. I suppose telling him about my sex-life is better than working at the end of the day.

Suki’s secretary fucks her – And we gel together better as a team for it!

Pussy for breakfast – No reason why one shouldn’t extend a midnight feast into early elevenses, is there?

Pussycat girls – My pussies and blonde me love performing our striptease act and lesbian show.

Intimate pussies – When you’re in the spotlight you just let your inhibitions go completely.

Balcony view – I thought my dwarf-sheltering days were over. Apparently not! Is there one there now?

Innocence – The sofa was here a second ago. I’ve no idea where it’s nipped off to. IKEA perhaps?

A quick snack – This elderly gentleman appears to be in need of my services. He is clearly the bishop to my actress or maybe he really was just out for a quiet evening stroll.

Cum to me – Yummy! A mouth full of cock and I didn’t even have to take off my new boots.

A sign of appreciation – It’s definitely a Michelin star when a guy spurts over you from three feet away!

No ties for Suki – I always cooperate with law enforcement officers. I’ll even serve as a tie-rack if that’s what they need from me.

A close shave for pussy – My peripatetic pussy-cleaning service is going down a treat. I think the personal touch improves every business relationship, don’t you?

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