Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Is Suki a nymphomaniac?

Car ride – Seize every opportunity you get to be well and truly fucked is my watchword. I’m giving this guy a real hard time but he seems to be standing up well to the bombardment from my pussy. A nice long car ride will do us both the world of good.

Nipple worship – Somehow I just can’t tear myself away from this breast for long. Sucking it is turning into an addiction.

Breast fed – A little reciprocation in the tit-devouring department goes a long way.

Welcome to Titworld – Now that guy is just overindulging though I’m not complaining.

Ready for love – I seem to know instinctively when I’m ready to be fucked. My hot wet pussy usually gives the game away.

Open wide – Ah, the anticipation of swallowing a full load is really getting me excited.

Oh, my sweet ass – I guess I’m making it look easy but I assure you it’s not!

Suki enslaved – Cute slave harness, don’t you think? The veil doesn’t hide much though.

I’m the new girl – Hi, Arab people. I’m His Excellency’s new plaything.

Fuck me, Master – I’m really getting into my new role here.

Elvis lives – Who knew that the Sheik’s son was a young Elvis lookalike? He sure knows how to get me all shook up!

Suki, the unveiling – I rarely got a minute’s peace from the other girls in the harem.

Pussy tasting session – Elvis sampling my cunt for breakfast.

Bad girl, Suki – I forget what I did wrong but I’m sure I deserved to be punished for it.

Whipped Suki – Perhaps not quite so severely as this!

It’s the way I rub them – I guess my skilful hands just automatically produce results!

Big pussy – The Sheik just adores dressing up when we make love. At least I think it’s him. He was a bit frosty at first and wanted me to call him Tony!

Yet another threesome – When it came to entertaining myself between fucking sessions with the Sheik, his sons and the harem girls I did get quite inventive!

Leather lover – This girl was so fond of leather. She could lick away on the sofa for hours. Just my kinda girl!

Young love – Harem girls are so easy to fall for.

A Suki sandwich – This is the sort of threesome I really like.

Bedtime – Fuck! I even dream about sex when I’m asleep.

Bedroom surprise – One of the Sheik’s other sons just had to have me too.

Do you come here often, honey? – The Sheik liked to have an audience when he fucked me. We sometimes tag-teamed if he got really randy.

Good things come in threes – Us girls really found that harem work was in tents.

Is Suki a nymphomaniac? – Do you even have to ask?

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