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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Kissing lessons

Meeting in the bar – Kissing technique is important but fortunately it is a skill which can be learned. There are also different kisses for different situations. Here is my short guide. If you meet up in a bar always go for full tongue contact allied to a single breast squeeze.

Bathroom chat-up – If approached by a naked woman in the ladies’ loo (always a good sign) note that she will probably want to undress you so that you are both on an equal footing. Don’t worry! She will eventually find that elusive zip in your frock.

Hot tub encounter – On intimate occasions neck-touching and nipple-brushing are highly recommended.

Make up your mind – It is important to decide whether to kiss the forehead or the lips first.

Lingering outdoors – Once the noses are correctly positioned you can kiss for hours with minimum effort.

Hard ride – Grinding while on top accompanied by repeated lip to lip contact. A hard skill to master but once you get a rhythm going you’re on a winner.

Consoling an ass – This reassuring kiss on a butt-cheek lets the recipient of your fingers know that your intentions are well-meaning.

Necking – You can quickly graduate from touching a neck to kissing it.

Tit only – The concentrated nipple kiss, sometimes called a suck, is for advanced users only.

From tit to mouth – And back to tit again. Ideal for those with plenty of energy and a large bed.

Mouth to mouth – Note the corresponding up and down movements here. Excellent technique by two harmonising experts.

Three-way split – For the really advanced student who doesn’t get jealous easily. What seems chaotic at first glance is actually a highly choreographed and intricate interaction by trained professionals. Slurping allowed!

Bedroom scene – Good kisses can and should last for hours.

Close connection – Savouring it in slow motion.

Sloppy chops – Make as much mess as you want. Let’s just drown together.

Sophisticated kissing – Get those tongues touching tenderly.

We will stay like this – Eyes closed and here for the duration.

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