Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Let’s go, Suki

Another game for Suki to play – I like to distract the men I’m playing poker with. If they can’t concentrate on the cards I figure I have a better chance of winning the pot.

Suki is the prize – Actually the winner gets to drive me to my home, leave me there and go on to his home. It’s in the fine print. Don’t blame me if you misunderstood.

Me, submissive or what? – Do you like my chat-up lines to a new temporary boss? We were fucking before lunch, if you’re curious.

I am your slave – This pretty much sums up the relationship between me and every boyfriend I’ve ever had. Tempted?

Subservient Suki – Some guys take it to extremes but the principle is the same. I’ll do whatever you want!

I worship on my knees – The Great God “Cock” has a true and faithful servant in me.

Fucked in the kitchen – Wherever I happen to be and whatever I happen to be doing it’s OK to fuck me on the spot!

Impromptu screw – Just grab and fuck, I say.

Cannon fodder – Whenever the big guns are brought out my pussy just melts.

Last meal request – It’s what this guy on Death Row wanted for his last meal so why shouldn’t he get to eat pussy? I’m always willing to do the District Attorney’s bidding!

Suki gets her main meal of the day – While we’re on the subject of eating, I’m happy to feast on a five star cock, as you know. A natural born gobbler, that’s me.

Suki is desperate for cock – Sometimes I have to get rough in order to satisfy my craving. You can rest assured that my mouth and tongue are always gentle and respectful though.

Suki’s telephone sex – Of course, those sound effects are real. Nothing is faked when it comes down to pleasing the punters!

Threesome without the dog – I was only asking a legitimate question. I just wanted to cover all the bases with my two friends. You never know what people want until you ask.

Hi, handsome – Guess what I want?

Bitten more than he can chew – My first ever tit clamping but certainly not the last. Of course, I’ve had nipple clamps before, but this was much kinkier.

Rough ride ahead – I just know by the look of this guy that I’m in for a bone-crunching session that will most probably wreck the bed and wreck me. The earth is going to move. I can sense it.

Team tactics – I’m just a devil woman with evil on my mind. He’s gonna get you from behind!

Just making the point – It’s not my fault he sank his own lilo. I’m completely innocent.

Loves his tummy rubbed – I’ve always been fond of animals. They seem to know instinctively that I love them.

Moonlight blonde – The full moon and the starry night just make me want to sing. You’ll remember the toon.

This way up – Guys drive me up the wall sometimes. Yea, they’re still following me.

A bedroom time-out for Suki – So, in the end I chickened out and didn’t tell him that there was someone else. I just had to text him the next day.

Another load for Suki – These things will happen! What do I do when two of my boyfriends collide? I just head for the Hills until things calm down. The Hills live next door.

Suki gets the treatment she deserves – Needless to say this guy’s reign as my boyfriend did not last long. Once he found out we weren’t really married he moved out. Thank the Lord for that!

Teenage Suki succumbs at the beach – Older men have always fascinated me. Sex with them is usually much better than with my contemporaries.

Fucking teenage Suki – He certainly knew how to fuck me. We did it every day for four months!

Nude Suki by the pool – I love being naked outdoors but it can have a negative effect on guys generally though obviously not this one.

Suki is a donor – Two hundred dollars is not to be sneezed at! I daren’t sneeze.

Erection special – Other people’s charm can sometimes outweigh mine.

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