Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Let’s have a piss up

Why are you pissing on me, Mom? – Just because she hasn’t done her homework there’s no reason to dish out a golden shower as punishment, is there?

Broken shower – Surely there must be an easier solution to the problem of a broken shower!

Pissing in the rain – You might as well. No one is going to notice in the circumstances.

On the spot relief – She’s the free-spirited type of girl we all wish we were. It’s what the back garden is for.

Back to the wall – She always pees here which is why the vegetation has died off.

Cement mixer – Someday all this land will be green and she will have contributed to it.

Double pee – A quality piss can bring such joy to the pisser.

Dilute to taste – So refreshing to drink from the fountain of youth.

Thirst quenching – Your wee is like draft Champagne!

Sprinkler – She put on leathers specially for this.

Pee drinkers anonymous – When you find a good source you share it with your twin sister.

Good shot – Drink up! It’ll soon be last orders.

Pissing in the bath – I blame overcrowded toilets in the Third World!

Former toilet – There used to be a Portaloo right at this spot.

Pissing in the wind – I think there may be a backdraft, honey.

Low self-esteem – Feelings of inadequacy in social situations can lead to this.

Outdoor wee – She’s a nudist and spontaneous. Who are you to judge?

Communing with nature – A flower grows wherever she goes.

Girl by the river – She’s French.

Tributary – The Thames has to start somewhere.

Watering the cactus – Golden showers, anal … You name it, she does it!

Blonde in the garden – Those ferns didn’t get that big without help.

Blonde on grass – After a few months with the new sprinkler system this place will be a perfect bowling green.

Happy pee – Irrigation is the key to happiness.

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