Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

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Kiss me – Let’s swap tongues while I hump you, honey. If rubbing our clits together starts a fire, the sweat from our naked bodies will extinguish it!

I can never resist – Her mouth is so enticing, my gypsy look-alike!

Kiss me anywhere you find me – In the shower, the bath, the cupboard under the stairs.

Fuck me anywhere you find me – You’re not my gypsy lover, sweetie, but you’ll do!

A chocolate Zorro – And now to lick it off, honeybear!

I love the Moon – Especially when he squeezes my tits. It’s his nickname.

Mermaid Me has pulled – Yes, I may be shallow but I have been known to lurk in deep waters.

Suki gets her sailor boy – This is even more romantic than “An Officer and a Gentleman,” don’t you think?

I’m a chirpy little sea nympho – I was born to swim and here I render a little underwater song. I sure know my scales.

Should I log on? – Perhaps I’ll just doze here a little while longer.

Mistress Suki is so kind to her slaves – It’s walkies time again and my favourite slave is as happy as Larry. In fact, he is Larry.

Suki’s pussy has its own rules – My pussy loves to squeeze cocks until they pour forth their juices. I really have no say in the matter.

Suki at the flying club – Yes, it’s that simple. Be the envy of your friends at the flying club. Why don’t you?

Filling Suki’s tank – This guy has the right idea. Disgorging his hot load into my pussy just makes my day.

Blondie and me make three – I’m not the only succubus in town. Suck you, boss, more like!

Fucking Suki outdoors – Why mow the lawn when you can be fucked on it? No, I’m not much of a gardener, it’s true.

The fucking doesn’t stop – You didn’t know I had an enchanted moist cave, did you? You learn something new every day.

By their horns you shall know them – College guys are always keen to fuck. One should grab the bull by the horns every time, I guess.

The nightly ritual is interrupted – When sex between two people becomes a chore it’s time to stop, I reckon.

Suki has bad news for Max – “You are a complete asshole, Max. Fuck off now!” seemed to do the trick.

My boyfriend’s teenage son fucks me again – I’d feel guilty if he weren’t so fucking good at it, I suppose.

OMG fast and furious – Sex with this guy really could bring on Parkinson’s!

Fully lubricated – It helps to be really greased up in baby oil before triple penetration with these guys.

I’m human – Yea, I shit myself when I read some of the text messages and e-mails people send me!

Your Suki – Still, I remain faithful to my fans, no matter what.

Suki’s message – Could this be any clearer, folks?

This pussy is for you – It’s waiting patiently, people!

I’m ready to come for you – Home delivery Suki is available in limited areas only. Like not in North Korea for a start.

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