Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sex for Suki

I deserve this – I think I’ve earned some big black cock, don’t you? No, I don’t approve of the hat or the sunglasses but you can’t have everything!

Just a little something I threw on – Yes, everyone says they can see right through me. It’s true! I am as transparent as they come!

Sex in space with Suki – If this picture reminds you of your dick then you’re in for another five star performance from me.

Fuck me anywhere – I’m always up for an impromptu, spur-of-the-moment fuck. Just grab me and fuck away!

Thrown against the wall and fucked – Sometimes a girl just wants to be picked up, flung into the cubicle and fucked till she screams. I’m like that all the time!

The wardrobe has my back - Of course I can stand on one leg while you fuck me. You could even do it in the wardrobe and I’d be a happy girl.

Bouncy-bouncy – Have we met before? You’re a bouncy castle in your day job, aren’t you?

Cum in all my holes – I hope you’ll fill hole number three up to the brim too, honey!

Precious pussy – Jewellery just has that effect on me. Sparkle and I’ll orgasm for you, precious!

Stroking pussy – My pussy feels like latex! Fuck! It is latex. This second skin is so tight I forgot I was wearing it.

Spank me hard – Oh, you’re so masterful, Master!

Dominating Suki – Don’t you dare dislodge my implants, honey!

X marks the spot – Fuck! The things I do for a photographer! I just know he’s going to walk away and leave me like this!

Whipped slave Suki – Those damn Arabs will get up to all sorts of shit if you let them!

More torture for Suki – Some bastards have got spanking down to a fine art. Why tire out your wrists when you can get a machine to do the job for you?

Suki suspended in the basement – My own fault for going to his place with a guy dressed like he was! The thing is I was ready to be the submissive little whore long before he did any of this.

Captain Black and the pliers – Yea, the guy was a complete nutter.

A generous offer from Suki – Oww! I can still remember the feel of those fucking pliers. Cold steel does not belong in my pussy!

Suki has nothing to say – I just refused to play his little Question and Answer game. Fuck him!

Getting into the dress code – Once I’d persuaded him to let me dress the part of his Captain Black sidekick I had no trouble using these boots to kick his teeth down his throat. I kept the outfit too!

Sweet threesome – Ah, it feels good to get back to normal life again!

A clit a chasm – And relax! Yoga and masturbation – an unbeatable combination when recovering from trauma.

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