Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki and the pirates

I be Cap’n Suki, shipmate – Come and join my crew. I’m asking politely, mind. Don’t make me angry by refusing. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

Sexy Suki says – Aargh! The sexiest pirate on the Spanish Main and no mistake, me sweethearties! Don’t worry none on my account. I just be resting one eye for now.

Suki is fine and dandy – See! With two eyes I’m even sexier, aarrgh … aarrgh!

Get on board her – Buoyancy has never been one of my problems, shipmates! Wanna meet me crew, afore ye comes on board?

Pussy at the helm – There’s Pussy at the helm of the good ship “Sukiola” of which I am Mistress and Commander. She takes a pretty laid back approach to steerage.

Pussy at the ready – The helmswoman is not to be confused with the rest of the Sukiola crew who are more “pussy at the ready” or permanently primed for penis, if you prefer.

Midnight swim – If you overstay your shore leave this is the only way back on board for some. I see she’s got semen in her eye again. Some girls never learn!

Style police – This is our Paris Pirate fashion model Delphine showing how to grab an audience’s attention on the catwalk. You can just make out the sea rig in the background.

Breast behaviour – Our Hawaiian special agent prepares for a mission ashore among the natives.

Tit inspection – The early morning tit inspection is part of the arduous duties of a ship’s captain. You’ll do, sailor.

Look to your oars – The ultimate in speed dating, these crew members take their turn on the pull.

Avast behind – It comes in handy when interrogating a prisoner. Anything that helps loosen their tongue is worth trying!

Smell my breath – Yes, it’s rum and coke, as I suspected. No tambourine for you, tonight, honey!

Dirty girls – Good on board hygiene is rated highly on the Sukiola. The ship’s duck is a much loved companion in the hot tub, as is her little plastic toy of the same name.

Captain’s favourite – In my cabin every crew member is welcome for a “parley.” Some come there more often than others.

Sharing an orange – In a bid to ward off scurvy fruit is rationed out carefully among the crew.

Splice the main brace – When your pussy needs a good licking sometimes short cuts have to be urgently taken.

Cabin girl – We picked her up on a voyage to the South Seas and she’s been an adornment to my cabin ever since.

Atoll protected – The bikini is the standard uniform for new recruits. Fresh flesh always tastes sweetest and all that.

Parrot fashion – No crew could be complete without a parrot, seen here with its handler Bob. Who’s a pretty boy, then?

Here be treasure – Tattooed Tess’s wooden leg and Irish charm give her the X-factor when it comes to guarding our booty.

My first Mate – I think it was her tits that attracted me to her initially, after which she just grew on me.

One-eyed Jacqui – Another French member of the crew who lost her left eye in a penis accident.

One-eyed Jess – A lot of blowjobs have gone wrong due to the swaying motion of the ship in high seas.

One-eyed Jill – A fashion trendsetter aboard the Sukiola, Jill wears the eye-patch for aesthetic reasons. She is a byword for pirate chic!

One-eyed Joan – A left-hander, Joan lost her right eye in another penis-related incident. There’s many a slip between cup and lip!

Lascivious Liz – The real slut of the crew of the Sukiola, Liz is always ready for a shag on deck.

First watch – On the look-out for a Portuguese Man-of-War, Naked Noreen struts the deck of the Sukiola.

At the Captain’s pleasure – Meanwhile, back in my cabin Blondie, the dish of the day, is purring nicely.

Up the Captain – Two brave lads hoist my topsail and trim my pussy on the quarterdeck. A happy crew makes for a happy skipper, eh, shipmates?

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