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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki does it better

Wanna fuck, Buddha honey? – A serene man with gold trimmings! Who is going to say no to that?

Harem babes – Yes, we were all heavily influenced by the headscarf salesman. He must have spent ages on me but I got a free bar of soap with my purchase.

More flowers please – Keep those little gifts coming, guys!

Just Suki’s type – When it comes to feng shui I know just where I want that to go.

Kinky games with sexy Suki – I’m gonna have to stop dating people who know I’m an erotica authoress.

You’re improving, honey – But I still think you need more practice with a store mannequin! They do say that the first cut is the deepest, don’t they?

Eye-popping good – I guess I’ve always been an optimist or else my pussy-eye coordination is off! You live and learn.

Girls just must have cock – Greedy me! But I am willing to share with my friends too.

The natives are friendly – Journal entry – Day 16 – The girl Suki, who I met on the beach, still comes to camp every evening to give me a blowjob. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. Soon I will run out of coconuts!

Young Suki had her admirers – The girls I shared with at Uni all had sex with me during various degrees of drunkenness.

Nuns in private – No matter how they behave in public, this is what every nun wants to do in private. No exceptions!

Some people are thoughtless – No consideration for others. She has swanned off to work and I’m left to throw up in her wake!

Servant Suki – A typical domestic scene Chez My Boyfriend. I don’t work here. I’m just the sex slave/skivvy.

Suki Bunny – I suppose it was good training for my work as a waitress. Serve and be sexy simultaneously – the ideal Bunny Girl in fact.

Put me on a pedestal – The rabbit ears and tail have really become a part of me. I’ve even been known to sleep in them.

Simply sexy – When it comes down to it, I guess, sexiness is at my very core.

Suki soup – I love spending time in the water, especially naked. This can excite some people, I suppose.

It’s not a cocktail I need – Right now I’m pissed and I need a cock, sir. Have you got one of those?

She’s a total stranger – When I go to parties with my plain Jane friend she sometimes pretends not to know me when guys want her to introduce “her friend” to them. I usually cooperate fully in this deception. Why make it easy for them when they don’t make it easy for her?

I’ll read to you – There are those who ring me up and ask me to read something erotic to them such as “The Pussy Pendulum.” I can clearly hear them wanking while I do so!

Sore throat – So, Doc, when are you gonna ask me why I’m here?

Buffalo Suki – Contrary to some reports I do not have horns. Well, not on the top of my head anyway. I’m just a scantily clad girl standing in chains hoping that someone will fuck me.

Door to door slave man – One day you’re number one in the harem and the next you’re shoddy goods being hawked around the back streets of Cairo. The merchant couldn’t even give me away with a harem surplus stock tag on me!

Vesta virgin – Those Italian nuns are pretty fast and loose, a bit like me, as it happens.

Exotic dancing – “If you snap that thing on my nipples one more time, buddy, it won’t just be another black eye you’ll be getting!”

Worship me – This guy fires compliments at me one after the other. I’m not vain but I could listen to him for hours!

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