Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki gets hotter

Go-go dancing Suki – Wow! Beware of the flashing lights! The music has really turned me on here. I just can’t stop feeling myself while I’m dancing. Can you blame me?

True sharing – Yes, equal cock time for me and my friends. It’s only fair!

Screwing Suki – A lesbian show always brings out the best in me. Put me on a stage with a girl and let the lickfest begin.

Got your pussy – Go for it, honey! Rub that clit like you are polishing the family silver.

Illustrating Suki – Of course, the guys doing these illustrations are horny. They’re like animals sometimes! What else could they be with me around?

Suki in the sand – I just love an audience. I’ll perform at the drop of a bikini any day.

Party with a beach hottie – I think I may just be having an effect on this young man’s penis.

Watching the Suki Show – I figured since we’d both started doing our own thing we might as well finish that way. While I squirmed and writhed on the sand he beat his meat furiously until his pent-up ejaculate spurted out over me like a fountain.

Bar chat up – This was a pair of tits I just had to have. Could anyone resist a cleavage like that?

Sofa threesome – An all too common scene chez Suki. It’s what three-seater sofas were made for.

Suki’s biggest fan – Yes, strange as it may seem, I do, in fact, do requests. So like a schmuck I got up and stripped off and then paraded myself in the window for this guy’s entertainment. So, what the fuck? I can say I work in advertising!

Suki down Mexico way – You get to travel and see the world when you’re selling a commodity that people want.

Lapping up the sunshine – Taking a time-out for a little girl time and to be painted by another horny artist.

Suki meets Suni – It’s a tough life but someone has to endure it, I suppose. Somehow a sunny day will never quite be the same again for me.

Flower power Suki – I seem to have sprouted a small but electrically energised garden in my hair. May have overdone the false eyelashes though!

Hands up! – Oooh! Some anal fisting will soon have these two eating out of my hand or perhaps not!

Suki is single again – I take a moment to reflect on a lost love. Funny how relationships end through a combination of reasons. There, that’s enough reflection!

Centre of attention – Back where I belong, in the thick of things. And I do mean thick! Ouch!

Caught by the swingers – Fuck, swingers with an evil laugh. That’s all I need! They did have to eventually let me go but not before I was well and truly fucked.

Suki, the cock magnet – Like true north, it seems that cocks do gravitate towards me. I guess I need a few pointers.

The morning after – It isn’t very nice to wake up alone after a night of unrestrained fucking. If you’re going to bed me you should at least breakfast me too.

Everyone loves Suki – My all-girl fan club members always enjoy my lesbian shows.

Mistress Suki’s slaves – I’m by no means the best Dominatrix in the world but I do try very hard to please those who prefer to be dominated.

Octopussy threesome – This was literally a nightmare. Eating seafood after a swim is definitely a no-no from now on.

Underwater sex attack – It’s not the sharks you have to look out for under water, it’s the other divers. I think the flippers gave him an unfair advantage over me.

Sweet witch Suki – Another nightmare? This one could be real. That is some S&M clubs for you!

Dreaming of a stake? – This may have been a bad dream. On the other hand, I have been to sex parties like this.

Gotta have those selfies – So, having been bitten by a vampire, a girl has to make sure she isn’t turning into one and as there were no mirrors around …

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