Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is on the go

Let it all out – This particular fountain of youth is overflowing. Too much wine for its own good obviously.

Swinging can be dodgy – A pendulum for a pussy with an excellent sense of aim. The dildo-pussy coordination here is quite remarkable.

Here is the floor show – That’s it. Let the girl do all the work, you total twat.

Get in – A look again at the highlights in slow motion and some excellent technique being shown there by this young, enthusiastic porn starlet.

Olympic sucking – The head press and double suck from this very experienced athlete. Surely there must be a gold medal at the end of that.

Supermodel Suki – I’m putting on my top hat and scrunching up my coat tails.

Sweet selfie – I just love my waist in this mirror snap, don’t you?

Starry Suki – Shit! I’ve overdone the glitter and still end up being sexy. Good call!

Suki squatting – No, the jacket was never designed to keep me warm, you moron!

Suki loves you – OK, I’m wearing my heart on my back on this one but don’t you think that the glasses make me look intellectual?

Sukitep’s mummies – Those Zombiefied Egyptians are after my ancestor Sukitep but she may just have the right implement for dispatching them to the afterlife proper.

Suki in NY – Draped over a car with a fellow model, I’m really getting into that Big Apple ambiance.

Holiday snap – If you’re going to suck in a selfie it might as well be like this one.

Railway view – Seeing the world flash past on the TGV is invigorating, isn’t it?

South Seas serenade – The whole sharing bitter lemons thing is just an excuse for kissing one another actually.

Girls on the beach – Clearly I’ve impressed this girl with my high IQ!

When there’s no ice cream – So, my girlfriend gets a refreshing drink which she really needed after a hard day’s sunbathing.

Suki sheds a tear – I can’t remember why I’m crying. Probably some guy’s fault, I imagine.

Fucking missed again – Of all the two occasions in life when you miss the toilet bowl someone just had to be making a video of one of them!

Keep topping up – Well, all the drink has to have somewhere to go, I guess.

Sausage and lemonade – Such a refreshing lunchtime treat!

Bursting out all over – Well, someone has to wear flimsy tops and hot pants. I think I’m sending out a subliminal message.

Gangbanging Suki – It seems the message was received! I keep coming back to my comfort zone, don’t I?

Suki gets her men – I just know what I like. Is that so difficult to understand?

Suki gets the girl too – What do you mean “May I …?” Fucking do it, sister!

Sexy Suki loves to be spanked – So I get spanked for being seen to fuck other people and I get spanked for not being seen when I fuck other people. I think I’ve got the spanking thing cracked!

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