Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki is ready

A Suki of your very own – Tests on the prototype of the new Suki doll are abandoned after she refuses to be fucked by yet another development technician!

Desktop Suki – The real thing never turns down a fuck, even one with a software engineer on a desktop!

Grab yourself a Suki – Can I help it if I look sexy in a kimono and the Pantomime principal boy (a girl) makes a beeline for my pussy?

Get a Suki underwater – She was helping me breathe. Really!

Suki will fuck you – Well, I had to thank her when we got back on dry land.

Love triangle – One minute we were testing cosmetics, the next we were fucking like rabbits. That’s the way it can go!

Mountains to climb – “Now that you’ve surveyed me thoroughly do you still want me to type - the hills are alive, sir?”

Mistress Suki – I can be dominant if I really put my mind to it.

Torturing Suki – But I much prefer being a submissive sex slave doing anything to please my Master or Mistress.

Spanking machine – See if you can guess which of these roles I’d prefer!

Fucking Suki at work – There’s a price to pay whenever you have some illicit fun.

Firm but fair – My girlfriend refuses to whack me on the bottom unless we’re both dressed sexily. Seems fair.

Punish me, honey – What did I do wrong? Nothing! This is a reward for being good.

Spank me, yeah – I love it when my girlfriend takes charge of me. I need to be told my boundaries and slapped if I overstep them.

Nurse training – The sister-in-charge at this private sex clinic says I’m her favourite nurse and always insists on spanking me personally.

Taking dictation – My boss is an avid dictator. After the spanking I’ll get to “tation” his dick!

He knows how to treat me like a woman – My new boyfriend has such a commanding presence. As soon as he’s present he commands me.

Enjoying a good whopping – I love being put across my boyfriend’s knee and spanked. It’s one of the few times I can feel his cock get hard!

You forgot the slice of lemon again – Guilty as charged! I always get the ingredients of his G and T wrong in the hope that this will happen.

Exercising control – My personal trainer assures me that this is good for my ass cheeks and will enhance my femininity!

Suki is a special treat – When I worked as a hooker I got all sorts of dubious assignments and encountered plenty of people you just would not want to meet.

A girl interrupted – While I love being manhandled by guys it’s sometimes a relief to get a break from them too.

His son may be gay – This was one of my more unusual assignments.

Suki has expertise – My attempts at animation of this kid’s dick totally failed. No matter what I did, nothing happened. He’s gay alright and I was handed back to the “boys.”

Four guys, three holes – They were much rougher than I like guys to be.

Another son to test drive – I was grateful when my boss and his henchman came to my rescue.

He knows how to fuck a girl – No problems with this guy. He took me to heaven and back. And he kept on doing it all night!

Taking a piece of Suki – This is what I call a proper fuck!

Spraying Suki – This guy is never gonna make the Olympic shooting team!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it – I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

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