Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki loves to entertain you

My wedding day – Don’t worry! Only pretend! I’m not hitched yet, although if I did get married it would probably be to her. She thrills me in bed and everywhere else.

Cool that cunt – Sometimes a girl just has to improvise when she’s in heat. Oooohh, the instant relief a gush from the cold tap can bring to a hot pussy!

Feeling foetal – Yes, I’m in a curl-up-and-crawl-back-into-the-womb mood here. Don’t ask! Not sure why I left one sock on to connect me with the world outside.

Suki, the Jungle Girl – It’s all go in the African jungle, isn’t it? If Tarzan isn’t fucking me, I’m being pursued by hunters intent on making me into a sex slave. Funny, I thought I was one of those already.

Shot in the jungle – Usually being slung over a big guy’s shoulder and flown off in a helicopter would be my thing, but not this time.

The safari park – Wow! There’s a lot of talent in the jungle, isn’t there? But, fuck it, I’m a minor celebrity, get me out of here.

Nothing to lose but our bikinis – My leadership qualities just automatically come to the fore. I always think – she with the nicest ass should lead!

The girls’ revenge – All it took was a little solidarity and we were able to smash the male cartel.

Girl power in action – I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you? I’ve always thought I suited the zebra look.

Posing in the jungle – Does this thong make me look fatter? I’ve swapped my zebra for the topless leopard look but I may have had a few too many purple chicken burgers in the run-up to this pose!

Pussy stroking log – Yes, you can dye your hair in the jungle. I think “totally naked” is my best look, especially if I can stroke a pussy at the same time.

Suki meets her match – Yes, I even get picked up wandering around in the jungle. The main thing is to be wearing a bikini, I think.

Cum everywhere – Of course, being naked and swimming in cum also works for me.

Serving wench – Working as a waitress in some of those themed bars in Cape Town could be quite demanding, I found.

You are not taking my Suki – It’s only a small step from waitress to sex slave, as I’m sure you can appreciate. Still, being tied up and fucked is my true vocation when I’m on vacation.

Edible Suki – Another wannabe Tarzan grabs me with a view to an instant fuck.

Suki in Rome – Viva Italia! Performing at the Colosseum in Rome was more nerve-racking than I thought it would be. Once I was naked I was okay, though.

Suki, the seductress – This is my kind of “work.” Fucking is really a “calling” and I’ve been called upon many times.

Museum’s free sex show – If you want to know more about me being fucked in the museum check out my autobiographical novel “The Pussy Pendulum” where all is revealed.

A Roman fuckfest – It’s hard to beat a life of sex, sex and, oh yes, more sex!

The reluctant porn star – No, not me. My co-star was apparently very reluctant until he saw me and then he seemed very keen. And yes, everything was in proportion and we were shooting for way longer than 58 minutes, sweeties.

Swimsuit Suki – See, I even pose before a couple of lengths in the pool!

The Lone Suki – OK, barman, it’s Jӓgerbombs for me and my Indian companion, pronto!

A dildo for Suki – It would be a dildo-combo with whip mode. What will they think of next?

Suspended Suki – I’m drooling at the prospect of being taken at both ends again.

Three sex slaves – Do you like my little “pussy-on-fire” logo? So appropriate I thought!

Femdom with Suki – Just because I don’t do this often doesn’t mean I can’t. What a client wants is what a client gets, in my book. Word-of-mouth recommendation is so important, don’t you agree?

Instant gratification for Suki – I just love to entertain. I think I was born for it.

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