Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki serenade

Fucking me at both ends – Ah, the fresh outdoors! A woodland path beckons to me in my bikini and flip-flops (give them back to me at once!). Two large black strangers approach. The inevitable happens.

Suki fucks her sugar honey  – This makes a pleasant change from being ridden into the ground. I should fuck my little hot honey more often.

Ass-fucked by Suki – Here we are in the dungeon, my little pendulum girl and me. Different day, different location, same result!

Suki at the chateau – You can really get to know a person during a long weekend of non-stop fucking. There are no airs and graces with the Countess. She is a modern aristocrat and I provide her with pussy.

Suki worship – There are guys who are into my toes, my feet, my ankles, my calves and then there are those who aim even higher. Wherever they are my juices can end up on their tongues!

Suki sucks Peter – He’s a gentleman who has earned my respect.

Peter fucks me – My pussy is his second home!

Peter and me – My anus must be his principal residence.

Let me sit on your face – It’s a perfectly straightforward request, honey. Don’t go all precious on me.

He didn’t even notice my tinted glasses – Until I mentioned them. The sunlight was too bright for me but I should have known this guy wouldn’t be looking at my face!

Running in the rain – Splish, splash and I win the see-thru robe contest.

Nurse Suki will raise your heart rate – It’s alright. I’ve warmed it up in my cleavage!

Suki strips for you – Wanna pull my bow with your teeth, honey?

Santa’s present – I hope you’ve got a sack full of my favourite beverage, Santa baby.

Red missed – The strain on this thong may be too great! I think she’s gonna blow!

Can’t a girl stroke her pussy? – I think my cat is panicking. I may have to put him down. I mean on the floor, people!

Me time – Oooh! Yeah! I’m so good!

Suki is fucked – Hold the front page. It’s the old, old story. Boy meets girl! Boy fucks girl!

Suki’s superhero – The things I make men do to please me! I’m so bad!

Stay classy San Diego – I’ll try, Ron. Believe me, I’ll try.

Suck on these – This classy enough for you, honey?

Suki is on the look-out – So, I’m making an effort tonight to look my blonde best. The invitation did say “dress to impress.”

Don’t call me Olive – Perhaps this is more me. Swimming in Champagne and flirting like mad with everyone in the bar.

Of course I fuck swans – All reasonable requests will be considered!

Zeus baby – Ride a white swan like the people of the old days, eh?

Making a fast duck – Isn’t this what life’s all about?

Two satisfied pussies – The cat’s got the cream and I’m just glad I poured it over my pussy.

Sex slave teens – Getting onto the cheerleading team proved more difficult than I thought it would be. That was some initiation, coach honey!

Sweet Suki – If I feel like wearing a cabbage in my hair, then I will, OK?

Knackered Suki – Sorry, this is all I’m fit for, folks. Until the next time. Keep fucking!

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