Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki supreme

Suki is sweet and sexy – You knew that already, didn’t you? This picture combines innocence with the femme fatale off-the-shoulder look of the perennially sexy. I think my nose is just about to make a break for it. Muzzle me at once, please!

Come and beat me – I’m on the lash again and this looks like the man to whip up my enthusiasm. I know my place in such a scenario.

Fuck this – I’m in a proper pickle again with a guy shoving cold metal objects up my asshole. Can’t he find anything better to stick into me?

Hairy moment – Blind dates don’t always turn out the way one might have hoped, do they? That’s it! Just drag me off by the hair, why don’t you? I really must change my dating app!

Report to the Master – OK, attending sex slave camp was a bad idea. I suppose the clue was in the name. I’ll try not to be so foolish next time someone e-mails me with a discount voucher.

Torturing Suki – I don’t really mind a little friendly torture if there are to be cocks at the end of it.

Having a ball – I hate it when this happens. Of all the places to whip me my vulva is my least favourite!

Sex slave Suki – This is just waitressing without the tips! It really does teach you how to crawl on all fours though.

Suki licks her girlfriend – The one good thing about slave camp was the chance to eat copious amounts of pussy. My tongue was raw from all the effort.

A break from slave camp – One should always keep in with those in positions of authority. This is today’s lesson for all trainee sex slaves.

Walled in – Feeling as if your back’s to the wall? You can stave off claustrophobia by spreading your legs and thrusting your cunt out in front of you like a banner. Well, it works for me anyway.

Orgy time – I make the ideal girlfriend, don’t I? Go on, admit it, guys.

A nice threesome – I love a good tongue in my mouth, me.

Preparing for invasion – It helps to be ready when you know it won’t be long until that dick you’re sucking will be in your asshole.

Fucking stand up – It’s good to have something to cling onto when the mood takes him.

Pussy control – I think my pussy is on top of the situation here, don’t you?

Punch the pillow – Do anything you want as long as you keep on fucking me, honey.

Riding high – There is something innately sexy about being impaled, isn’t there?

Shag me anywhere – A spontaneous grab leads to my favourite pastime.

Suki is in the pink – Hey, guys, please grab me again, yeah!

Can’t find the car keys? – Well, you have to put them somewhere. They must have slipped out on the parallel bars!

I’m so sexy – I think my waistline can be blamelessly ascribed to the Boogie.

Hi, Mike – Karaoke is not really my thing but put me on a stage and the chances are I’ll strip off my clothes pretty soon.

Money, money, money – Honestly, if you give me loadsamoney it just encourages me. I love a good tenor!

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