Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki, the blonde bombshell

Chewing more than you can bite off – Me in typical pose here. What would I be doing if I didn’t have a cock in my mouth?

Suki pussy ready-to-fuck – I know my behaviour at parties can sometimes lack finesse but I think the guys present are picking up on my subtle hints of availability. My tongue has attracted one or two admiring glances from the hostess as well!

Nude blonde Suki – An off-duty Supersuki is still a force to be reckoned with. I think Sexy must be my middle name.

Game show girl – I’d be good at this. I’ve had so much practice already.

Anal eating – Yeah, it’s what my ass is for, honey!

Suki, the sex huntress – Summing up my philosophy about earning money from having sex. The more of both I get, the better for everyone.

Suki, the slutty dresser – Whether it’s admiration or jealousy I evoke in others doesn’t matter. I’m doing my job and fucking well too.

Suki, the part-time hooker – So the events depicted here all took place in the dim and distant but I remember them well and they played a part in shaping the person I am today. I was only ever part-time on the game although you might think otherwise from seeing these kaleidoscoped tableaux. In the end I decided I had better things to do, but I must admit I do miss all the fucking!

The perfect threesome – I love having a guy at either end of me. It’s so much more fun than a simple one-on-one.

Fucking through the night – When you’re the centre of attention it does boost your ego, you know. I think I was the essential cathartic element in this equation. Without me there would have been no sex.

Suki vamps it up – In this business you have to know how to play to the crowd. In essence I’m an entertainer just giving (selling) people what they want.

Their first ever blowjob – It carries with it an awesome responsibility sometimes. If I’d made a mistake here it could have put any of these guys off having a blowjob ever again, you know!

Suki’s choice – Yes, I agree. This isn’t the time for thinking, it’s the time for sucking. The faster I suck, the quicker I’ll get out of here.

Suki in dick heaven – I love devouring cocks but I also enjoy a good scrotum from time to time. Whether licking them or sucking on them those balls certainly get my saliva flowing.

A sense of power – Having a guy’s ballsack in your mouth does make you feel powerful as in one gnash of the teeth and this guy will never have kids!

A sweet honeybee – Give me your nectar, guys, in exchange for me giving you head!

So much to gorge on – I drank so much of that man juice that I was sure it would come out of my nose and ears.

Cock number four, please – Can I help it if my ass has a mind of its own and wants to look sexy in the presence of so many hot young men? I was born with this ass and it’s too late to trade it in now.

Suki loses the plot – I got very angry with these guys for treating me with no respect. If they step outside the terms of the unwritten contract they become fair game for my wrath.

Chomping my heart out – Once back in control of the situation I finished off the last two and split, knowing full well that they would want me again before long. I thrive on repeat custom.

A happy little hooker – There were times when I was inundated with horny guys. Was I the only hooker in town or just the best?

A flaming whopper – Mostly I sucked cock as a prelude to having it fuck my pussy or a half and half as we say in the trade. This guy’s dick was remarkable for being so flexible. In retrospect I wish I’d tried the round corners thing with him!

The best thing that could happen – However, in the end he basically just humped my ass and came all over my leggings.

A marathon all-nighter – These three guys really kept me going continuously, either fucking me all at once or one after the other.

More satisfied customers – They were so grateful to me and didn’t want me to leave. I was tempted to stay and let them fuck me for free but a girl must keep to her fucking schedule.

Suki fucks the footballers – This College football team had me to brighten up their locker-room after winning their championship game. I think I meant more to them than their trophy. Aren’t those offensive linemen well-built for twenty year olds?

A real gang-bang for Suki – Let’s not dwell on the bad times, guys, eh?

Falling for my ass – A little ass-worship goes a long way. I think an impromptu golden shower as a thank-you was appropriate and fair.

Suki provides the Girlfriend Experience – Yes, singles were welcome and you could hire me as a  “girlfriend” too.

Scrotal balm – A more caring hooker you could not have found in the whole of San Diego. I’m sure some guys’ balls are still crying out for my tongue’s tender touch!

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