Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki, the ideal lover

Young Suki gets a whopper – Here I am as a young teenager getting my first really big whopper and I didn’t even have to go to Burger King to get it! I’ve had a hankering for big things ever since.

A show for the boys – Playing ping-pong with my little friends can be hours of fun. I think both sides of the net are winners.

Practice makes perfect – I know those many hours spent training will pay off. I just have to be fine-tuned and ready when those cocks come calling.

Are you ready for this? – I wonder are they ready for me though? I can be quite a handful and definitely high maintenance.

Cute fairy tale threesome – Blonde me hanging out at the S & M club here. Nice to have my own fluffer for a change.

A glass of your finest cum, waitress – There’s always a payback, isn’t there? She gets to stuff things into me and whack me with her riding crop while I have to lick all that green body-paint off her.

Broomsday – Those witches are doing their magic tricks again and I’m the butt of their humour.

A wet pussy welcome – Hey, it’s dark in there. Anyone bring a torch?

Clear instructions – I jotted down a few notes on my wrist to remind me what she likes. I hope her cum doesn’t wash them off.

That’s the Suki effect – She’s experiencing the after-shocks of my finger-volcano technique. Lava will flow, folks!

Tunnel kissing – What better way to shelter from the rain could there be?

Supersuki versus Super Cats – These pussies have no chance against my martial arts skills.

I shall read from “The Pussy Pendulum” – These kids need to learn not to mess with me. A few chapters of my novel will soon settle them down, I think.

Another pendulum pussy – It’s hard to beat relaxing in a hammock after a day spent exercising one’s pussy.

Doing the backstroke – Swimming naked in clear blue water – right up my street.

It’s OK, I’m the plumber’s mate – We’ll soon have the cause of the flooding sorted out.

Hot Suki – If I generate enough heat maybe we can stop the flow and start the evaporation.

Fuck-ready Suki – I deserve to be rewarded for doing my civic duty.

It’s colour coordination – But not as we know it! Perhaps I should lose the hat.

Is my brain expanding? – Piling my hair on top of my head may help to keep a lid on it. Otherwise I may just sit my doctorate.

Sexy slave Suki – I appear to be chained up in the bedroom again. I wonder why?

Your prisoner – So I guess you’re going to fuck me then!

Suki up the pole – Let me dance for you first, honey.

Suki takes a liberty – I reckon I may have been free all along without actually realising it. Ask not what Suki can do for you, but rather what you can do for Suki!

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