Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki, the sex scavenger

Bathtime for Suki So, I wear gloves in the bath! As it happens they were on too tight to take off and I hoped the warm water would loosen them (it didn’t!). If you’ve read one soggy newspaper you’ve read them all, by the way.

Harem girl Suki – I’m oiled up and ready to go, Master. I can take four of your friends fucking me at once, yes, preferably with dicks this long!

Future World Suki – Yes, here I am a warrior from the future wearing see-thru plastic to show off my best bits. This outfit took me 20 minutes to put on but it will come off in one using the spear provided.

He’s mine – And you can’t have him! When someone with a dick as long as my arm turns up he’s got to be a keeper.

Images of Suki – A little montage of me!

Suki is open to suggestion – Does this give you any ideas, guys?

Sex slave Suki – Yes, I’m a slave to sex. Tethered and just waiting to be fucked.

Suki and her prisoner – I don’t think I’m going to get much information out of this girl, not with a ball-gag in her mouth anyway. But I shall stick needles into her before teaching the computer to spell properly.

Sexy Nurse Suki – I’m really getting into this sticking-needles-in-people craze. Don’t tell anyone that I’m enjoying it, will you?

Sweet sexy nude – Well, I’ll just practise a few headlocks on myself, shall I?

A horny little Suki – I don’t know who this guy was. We’d only just met but he seemed friendly.

Pussy invasion – Ooohh! The kind I like!

Wake up, Suki – Oh, what a tough schedule I have. Rigid deadlines to be met!

Suki adores cocks – Just a reminder, as if you needed one, of just how much I love the male appendage.

Three guys, one toilet, one Suki – Oh, those guys! Anywhere they can get hold of me they’ll fuck me! I may have to write a letter to the Times about it!

Suki’s Minotaur dream – This guy just had to be the Centaur of attention. In my dream he cunningly starts off as a Centaur but later becomes a Minotaur or the full bull sometimes. I think it must be because I’m fond of big dicks!

Then he fucks me – He’s rather a forward Centaur, isn’t he?

Oh, the hooves! – But his true bullish nature soon emerges. That nose ring may come in handy!

Suki at the computer – A girl like me rarely gets a minute to write up her experiences.

Suki and the three wise men – Yes, they were right. It’s the experience that counts, not the telling of it.

Suki’s interview – It’s difficult to convey the essence of a book like “The Pussy Pendulum” in a few short sound bites but I did my best despite this guy trying to steer me into revelations about sexual technique.

Giving Suki a ride – I must have the gift of prophesy because tear my clothes off is exactly what the guys did.

The hunks flock to Suki – Funny how hunks with big cocks seem to gravitate in my direction. It must be my pussy magnet at work again.

Suki goes batty – I’m pleased to report that I’ve been fucked by both Batman and Robin but the elusive Count D. is still on my “fuck-it” list.

Water wheel fun – Ah, the daily grind! It’s all grist to the mill, I suppose.

Suki, the unveiling – So this much older woman insisted on undressing me in order to see me naked. Seems fair to me.

Long time no fuck – Desperate times lead to desperate measures! Any pussy in a storm, eh!

Hangover Suki – I must not drink excessive amounts of vodka! I must not drink …

Suki’s flashback – I must not sit on a vibrating sybian! I must not sit on a …

Suki, the Hunted Beauty – Coming soon to a computer screen near you!

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