Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki, we want you

Suki is as sexy as ever – Well, yes, I am. Even though I’m not naked in this image I still feel sexy. Perhaps I should undo that top button, though. I owe it to my fans!

I want you – Trying to be coy by hiding underneath the net curtains and failing miserably. If you want me, you can have me, provided you get your nails cut first. Ouch!

Suki in a triangle – My pussy seems to have gone walkabout, but otherwise I’m saying a sexy hello to all my fans in Australia and New Zealand. It’s really cool down under from where I’m looking.

A flash from Suki – I never did like this yellow top anyway, although it did match my panties. It’s tits you want to see, I’m sure.

Leotard Suki – Not so much a garment as the merest hint of a garment, eh?

Suki is waiting – I won’t wait forever. Please fuck me!

Suki, the brightest star – I can light up the night sky, don’t you think?

Suki and her Gypsy lover – My poo hardens to an excellent insulator, apparently. Who knew?

Improving communication – Aren’t the glens of Antrim lovely? Yes, my girlfriend is not number two. She’s number one for me. Instead of being shitty, she usually makes me piss myself laughing!

Suki who must be obeyed – Would you cross anyone with a sword this long? This metal bra doesn’t half dig into my tits – ooohhh!

I’m all wet – I usually am! No, I haven’t just had a shower or been for a swim. I guess I’m just popular with the guys in Admin.

Fisting Suki – Yes, an impromptu fisting now and again does me the world of good.

Fucking Suki – Role play can be fun. Do I deserve an Oscar, do you think?

Late-night outdoor fun – You never know who you’ll meet when you cruise the cemetery after midnight. If she was a vampire she didn’t bite me though.

Rear of the Year – I’m proud of my butt. It has character.

Three guys groping me – So what else is new? Guys are just incorrigible!

Be nice to me – OK, I do like to be groped by the right guys. Didn’t you know?

Ass-fucked again – So, tell me, what is so fucking wrong with my pussy?

Suki and the cavemen – Rough sex can be good, but must it really be centred on my anus?

Suki nude on a bar – I have to sit on my pussy because my asshole has left the building. Well, my two assholes, actually.

Suki hits the streets – My voracious appetite for sex knows no bounds. Right away I’m taking on another two studs who are keen to fuck me.

An impressive bulge for Suki – So, I’m shallow. Bulges impress me. Live with it!

Shaking like a blender – I love orgasms where my whole body gets the benefit. When I have convulsions all my limbs move of their own accord.

French kissing Suki – Yes, I do like somebody else’s tongue in my mouth on occasions. But it shouldn’t try licking my tonsils, for fuck’s sake!

Bubbles all the way – The session did end to everyone’s satisfaction. They turned out to be nice guys. It isn’t always like that with clients, unfortunately.

Grinding with Suki – A sweet teen rubbing herself against my clitty makes a pleasant change from all those huge cocks.

The limo’s secrets – Yes, believe it or not, there are times when I have to pleasure myself. After an evening with this really wealthy guy I was being driven home by his chauffeur when I just got the urge for an orgasm. Don’t ask me where the farts came from. I’d rather not think about it!

The guys are at me again – A man at either end of me – you know how much I love that.

How to exhaust a Suki? – This is how!

Wanna fuck me, boss? – I think I’m the perfect PA. So hire me!

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