Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The joy of Suki

Let’s swim together – Don’t you just love it when you’re naked and wet and at the beach on a sunny day? So what if your girlfriend has made a bollocks of cutting your hair!

An early morning nude swim for Suki – On the subject of swimming naked, did you know that your chances of meeting a potential sexual partner are greater while swimming in the nude than shopping at Tesco!

Getting to grips – If you do find the right one for you, make sure you grab the goods quickly before someone else snaps them away from under your nose.

Drive me to distraction – She does, but when she’s trapped in her seatbelt that is the time to pounce!

Love in a cold climate – We need each other’s body heat to survive in this weather, officer!

True love – Sometimes you meet someone you just know is your soul mate. This is one of those times.

Moonlight serenade – A kiss can last a lifetime when you’re bathed in moonlight.

Intimate moment – I forgive you for the haircut, honey. Let me taste my cum!

Loving New York – You, me and Liberty! What a cute threesome!

Pussy licking on the street – Cute shoes, honey, but an even cuter pussy! I just have to have me some!

No, you can’t join us – We know who dunnit, Poirot. Leave us in peace to enjoy the sex, will you!

Suki is a hypnotic babe – I seem to have hypnotised my girlfriend here so I shall take advantage of the situation and the idyllic location to have my evil way with her. Since when do snakes have dress sense anyway?

Dildos at dawn – Ah, a juicy French blonde to spice up my breakfast. Seems fair!

Feasting on Suki – It’s time for a bunch of hotties and a biker to eat their snacks off my naked flesh. I wonder are any of them cannibals? I hope at least one has the sense to eat my pussy!

A real swinger party – Being fucked by this blonde angel makes all the bondage bother worthwhile after all.

Flash Gordon and friends – You can never be sure just who will fuck you when you attend Comic Con!

Suki nude – I know! Why bother drawing the background when you can concentrate on me?

Chest out – Another example of the genre. I still wish I’d never gotten that haircut.

Nudist Suki fucked outdoors – My reputation has preceded me! Now people just grab me and fuck me wherever I go. No, I’m not really complaining.

Desktop Suki – Things do get hectic in the office from time to time.

Drilling Suki – I suppose I do ask for it!

Sharing with your best friend – Some cocks deserve twice the attention level of an ordinary dick.

Squeezing Suki – As I get older my admirers seem to be getting younger. It’s probably an optical illusion. Motorboat me all you want, honey.

Sukirella – Yes, I can bite and I know how to pose too.

Suki dancing – I look more like a vampire’s potential victim here. I suppose as long as someone gets their teeth into me I’ll be alright.

Stick or whip – Don’t take too long to make up your mind. I can’t hang around here all night, or can I?

Hot sex with blonde Suki – I don’t normally cruise the school corridors but this was a particularly barren week.

Beach comer – Oooh! We’re back naked on the beach again. My favourite position.

I saved a place for you – Do you like my new “Drive-thru Suki fuck?” You don’t even have to emerge from your vehicle to get a full sexual service from your favourite mechanic. Cool or what?

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