Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

What the fuck, Suki?

Having an impact – Yes, this is the effect I’m going for when I’m out for a walk. (Fuck insurance companies, I say!) Unlike the tall blonde here I’ve never quite achieved this kind of result yet but I’ll keep trying.

Car wash babes – Everyone appreciates a good rub-down. I’m sure wheel meet again some sunny day.

Kiss me, girl – And I should hope so too after scratching me on the cheek like that.

Got the tee-shirt – Super sexy Suki, yeah!

It’s shrunk in the car wash – My tee-shirts do tend to ride up for some reason. I wonder why?

Ready for a flash – I’m totally innocent. It’s all the power company’s fault.

Making a connection – I’m glad I’m not the butt of this joke.

Back to the wall – Lots of nice things happen to people who lean against walls!

Oh, right there – A direct hit on the clit is pretty effective, isn’t it?

Wanna play? – Girl with strap seeks willing playmate.

My prisoner – That didn’t take long, honey. Let’s get to it!

Where’s the party? – I’m ready to make my next move. Are you?

The scourge of my life – Whoops! I seem to have taken a wrong turn.

Suki and Red – Ah, I’m back on track with this hottie.

Will you marry me, honey? – I think the shock may kill her!

A tick for Suki – I’ll get some brownie points though. I need a tick in my positive attributes column.

Butterfly effect – I’m going for the dramatic blonde look here. Just may have pulled it off!

Cool blonde – This look could work for me too.

Country girl – Hay, wanna bale me out, honey? I drew the short straw!

S&M slut Suki meets a random stranger – Yes, from sweet innocent to sexy siren, I can transform in seconds. I got my reward too!

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