Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Whatever happened to Suki?

Sexy surfing – When updating my website I sometimes get quite excited. My sex life does appear to be complicated, doesn’t it?

Surfboarding Suki – Sometimes I’m just too enthusiastic for my own good! Will I never learn?

At the seaside – I’m quite a handful when the sun gets to me!

Suki’s booty – It seems that everyone wants a piece of my ass, while I’m just interested in pieces of eight.

Bubbly me – Start the day with a sparkle, I always say. And this time it’s Pepsi, not Coke.

Most popular girl at an orgy – That’s me, the girl most likely to, who frequently does!

Maybe I’m oversexed – It’s a possibility, I suppose. You would never tell to look at me!

Clitty-clitty bang-bang – Where there is a clit it must be fondled. It’s a universal law.

A hole-in-one – My boyfriend has recently taken up golf. Sometimes he uses me to practice his putting. I didn’t really mind until he started describing me as a “par three with a dog-leg on the right.”

Smiling Suki – Some people say that when I smile I look like a Cardassian. I was never really into “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” so I don’t really know if they’re right!

Enjoying bathtime – I like to be dirty in the bath!

A husband and wife team fuck sexy Suki together – If only there were more couples like this one, willing to experiment with their sexuality and let a third party (me) into their lives to enjoy the intimate pleasures of eroticism.

Nude but not rude – Funny, I usually spread my legs for artists who want to paint me. Here I’m more of a still life than an action girl!

Fifty foot Suki – I’m sure there are lots of little people out there who would welcome Maximum Me into their lives. Maybe they’re wondering why I’m wearing my hat on my pussy? I haven’t a clue!

Another Arabian night for Suki – I would appear to be ready for some action in the desert. Are you?

Suki is grabbed by the fundamentals – These religious nutters take me to the cleaners. Notice how they can’t wait to cop a feel of my naked pussy and tits. It would sicken me if I didn’t enjoy this sort of thing!

My Master treats me like shit – Some guys can’t get it up unless they’re being a bully and lording it over their women. I’ll not put up with his antics for long.

I got this – Yes, there are much more important things for me to do, like service the sexual needs of three horny guys at once. I’m onto it, guys!

Hi, honey – Fuck it! My blonde girlfriend likes to beat me up too. What is it with these people? Couldn’t we have just gone for a drink together?

Supersuki in chains – She wasn’t content until I’d changed my hair colour to match hers and then she just tore my tee-shirt and skirt like some mad bitch!

Licktastic – I hope her pussy appreciates all the attention it’s getting.

Dirty girl – Not only am I expected to be a sex slave, I have to be a domestic servant as well! Fuck this! I just want a shower!

Howdy – That’s better. Now for that drink I promised myself.

Park bench strategy – Back to my normal dark hair. My black would seem to have Blondie on the run.

Let’s fight – I think it must be handbags at twenty paces, people.

See-thru Suki – Of course, in a few moments we were in the cubicle fucking like there was no tomorrow. She bought the bra and panties too.

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