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Asian cuties

Feeling horny? – Yes, large flower pots just have that effect, don’t they? Here I’ve put together some fantastic Asian-American cuties for your delectation. They each have an exotic quality which makes them stand out in the beauty realm. I just wish I looked half as good!

Friendly massage – Funny, I have exactly the same reaction when a girlfriend sits naked on top of me and gives me an all-over massage. There’s just something so loving about it.

Careful caresses – She’s in ecstasy and her friend hasn’t even touched her pussy yet. How good is that?

A moment of understanding – This is what love can be like – complete relaxation and trust.

Passionate feelings – The temperature has gone up a notch as the mutual excitement grows. The touch of warm, naked flesh against the skin is irresistible.

The temperature rises further – Lips yearn to taste the partner’s soft mouth.

Two lovers hunger – A kiss is not just a kiss – it’s a statement.

Perfect peace – Listening to the gentle beat of the heart as you melt into one another in perfect harmony.

Would-be model – This is an example of one of the most perfect asses I’ve ever seen. The front isn’t so bad either. Your contract is just waiting to be signed, honey.

Home from school – I know which sweet thing I want to lick. She’s a bit loose in her adherence to regulation school uniform, I’m thinking.

Ready for a check-up – At the doctor’s surgery for a pussy check? Yes, sweetheart, you can put your clothes back on now. Your head cold will clear up soon and your pussy is exquisite.

Showing off – It’s such a wonderful pussy, in fact, that the doc wants to film it for her private collection.

Complete trust – Have you been with this practice long? Does the doc always check your nipples this way too? I thought it was just mine did this.

Foraging fingers – Ahhh, the medical profession, eh? Marvellous what you learn at medical school and so skilfully done.

Afternoon delight – The practice nurses take a well-deserved break to enjoy the Californian sunshine.

Bedroom games – They’re practising their bedside manner in the training suite. What dedication!

Three in the shower – After a swift work-out there’s nothing like a languid threesome in the shower.

Total harmony – A workplace with happy employees and great team spirit.

Lip biter – Just a little nip to keep a trainee in her place.

New striker – The new girl soccer star is great with balls of all sizes.

Jungle Jenny? – No, it’s got to be Michelle taking a shower in the garden, as one does.

Out of the water – But only just! This little Asian will sneak up on you and sell you a Jacuzzi before you know it.

All at sea – The scarf isn’t really serving any purpose, is it, honey? Your nakedness and beauty say it all.

Sugarpussy – Sex on the sofa with such a cute little pussy could lead to a chain reaction, I’m sure.

All for you – She’s definitely hinting at something. I’ll probably work out what it is eventually.

Fingering it out – Yes, now I’ve got it. She wants to play fuck-the-cheerleader. Doesn’t everyone?

Locker room groupie – She’s after players’ autographs and I have a funny feeling she’ll have no trouble getting them.

Bamboo shoot – Know any nice pandas, honey? Your big brown ass is breath-taking by the way.

Bar girl in heat – She’s a girl after my own heart. She knows what she wants and she’s taking the direct approach with the bar’s clientele to make sure she gets it. And why ever not?

Hug on a rug – Very snug! We may have lost the colour but the message is clear. Get out there and love somebody. And that is some body, babes!

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