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Beautiful dolls

Here is my countdown of the top forty most beautiful and sexy Barbie dolls. See if you agree with my choices. I think I’ve fucked at least three of them but I’m not saying which ones in case they weren’t real after all.

40 Chic red-head with so kissable lips.

39 Classy model, not sure about the dress.

38 So sexy, great outfit.

37 Stylish see-thru look.

36 Red streaks and a sweet smile.

35 Gorgeous hair and a Rio carnival look.

34 Friendly freckles.

33 Elegance personified.

32 Teenage glam.

31 Sultry and serene.

30 Scandinavian princess retro look.

29 She belongs in first class.

28 Beautiful girl-next-door.

27 So hot teen.

26 Super model sexy.

25 Great cleavage, fabulous earrings.

24 What a bosom! What hair!

23 So pretty and sugar-coated.

22 Sexy bitch!

21 Pink and perfect.

20 Sparkling and sensual.

19 Great dress, sensational girl.

18 Not for sharing.

17 Picture perfect.

16 Sheer sophistication.

15 Glamorous and firey.

14 Too good for this place.

13 Eye-catching cutie.

12 Style or what!

11 As sexy as it gets!

10 Prom Queen.

9 Pure blonde.

8 Aussie perfection.

7 Black beauty.

6 Little Miss Perfect.

5 Sexy siren.

4 Busty brunette temptress.

3 Hot and horny sister.

2 Cool and immaculate blonde.

1 The far-away look of a true long-necked beauty. She belongs on the cover of Vogue.

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