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In “Photographic pageant” (see What’s New) I revealed my top 20 most beautiful and sexy women in the world. Here is the countdown of the next 20.

40 How do I look? – What a marvellous set of choppers with which to smile and fabulous dress sense!

39 Smooth satin – Cool and blonde and classy with amazing earrings that match her eyes. I’d like her to slink into my bedroom wearing black satin pyjamas last thing at night.

38 Sea nymph – A mermaid in all but fishtail she’s welcome to wash up on my shore at high tide.

37 Hands full – She can scratch my back with those nails while I’m tasting those succulent lips.

36 Hot Tequila – I could drink her in all day and still find time to look in the mirror. She’s as hot as it gets.

35 Sensual blonde – Another one to scorch my lips. After sliding up and down that pole for 20 minutes she merits a major make-out.

34 Wild and free – I know where I want to go motorboating next time.

33 Beach babe – Come in the water’s lovely and so is the beach scenery.

32 Asian sweetness A touch of oriental perfection to set the juices flowing.

31 Paris icon – French women are so chic even when naked. I reckon my face would be a perfect fit between those fantastic legs.

30 Pert perfect – A little taste of Japan on those honeysweet lips.

29 Gentle angel – Mellow and soft with porcelain skin and a pout that magnetises.

28 Sofa delight – This is my kind of home entertainment system. No need for Wi-Fi when you’ve got sex personified.

27 Beautiful pair –Another motorboating excursion is planned. I can feel an addiction coming on.

26 Streaks and curves – She’s the Formula One of females. What a body! A must-have!

25 Hot lips – She is sizzling all over, in fact. That mouth is so inviting. I’m outta here!

24 Naked and proud – Perfect breasts and hair to-die-for.

23 Petite and loving – A bundle of fun you couldn’t help but lick.

22 The eyes have it – Beauty and sexiness and lips that are so kissable.

21 Cherry poppin’ good – With or without a gift of shoes this babe would be a permanent component of my bedroom furniture.

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