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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Crazy adventures

Julie bites Suki’s neck – Julie threw me to the bed and jumped on me, pinning me beneath her. My legs spread apart automatically as my pussy yearned for her touch. I shrieked as she ripped open my dress and bit my neck. Her lips moved to my left breast and her teeth sank deliciously into my soft flesh, drawing blood. I screamed in ecstasy. Well, one does.

Threesome anyone? – I was tempted to add some cock to our lesbian adventure in London but, even though Julie might have been up for it, I resisted.

Suki seduces Julie in “The Pussy Pendulum.”

Suki brings Julie to orgasm in “The Pussy Pendulum.”

Manga Me is at it again – Yes, Manga Me, the one without a nose, has been fucking far better looking babes than the real me could ever get. Here MM is in navy cadet mode and kissing teens with tongues like she invented it.

This guy’s aim is terrible – Manga Me even gets a face full of sperm more often than I do, though this time a lot of it seems to be going astray.

Milk maid – Still, waste not, want not. Might as well pass it on to a deserving home.

Are you going to rape me? – The perils of Penelope, eh? The knife and dart bitch can do whatever she wants to me. I’m not going to argue with pointy things! I just never do.

Dildo delight – At least this Punkgirl asked for permission before shoving a huge dildo into my pussy. Have I ever said no?

Fuck me hard – I guess this guy got retrospective permission of sorts but he’d already hammered several strokes into my pussy before I actually consented (by moaning), technically speaking, that is.

How could he miss? – Even after I pointed out the target and held it open for him this guy still managed to miss and get involved with a whole different area. It still smarts.

Chew me - Thank goodness for some soft wet velvet to soothe a seething pussy.

Dungeon antics – When you mix with a diverse crowd you sometimes end up with the wrong end of the stick. Still, I don’t want to complain too much in case it doesn’t happen again.

Slave girl – My slave girl did sneeze every time I chucked her chin. Of course, it could have been hay fever as we were in the barn at the time.

Where is it? – I had been having sexual foreplay with this young guy for ages before I discovered he didn’t have a penis. A pre-operative female to male transsexual, my first, but it was no sweat. We just carried on from there making the necessary adjustments as we went.

Off the menu – Yes, I’d do anything to avoid being the main course at a cannibals’ re-union dinner. I suppose someone has to be!

What a crap game – Too much laxative chocolate and you do pay a price. Be warned, people.

Gothic gal with a message – We’re all the same underneath it all.

Girl group – The harem soccer team look like they may have a good season this year. There’ll be plenty of scoring, that’s for sure.

Ninja girls phase – Manga Me is going through her Ninja phase. I’m green with envy as you can guess. – After my flirtation with mermaids and pirates I seem to be somewhat confused. Just as well my friend here can sort me out.

Docks holiday – Now this is the girl with the jewellery-making business who is right for me. It could end up being complicated but it would be shellfish of me not to at least try.

Suki fucks Polish girl – So the guy in charge of the BDSM club has given me a green light and I am not going to be found wanting. Some Pole dancing to start with perhaps.

Suki is chewed out – And the happy ending we have all been waiting for. Living on the edge is what it’s all about, you know. All good clean fun.

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