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Exploring my libido

Strippers unite – I enjoyed my job as a stripper (I mean erotic dancer), especially the camaraderie with the other girls. You could almost always be guaranteed sex with one of them at the end of your shift. If you still had enough energy left for fucking at 4am, that is.

Strippers unite when it suits them – While the possibility of an all-girl orgy lurked in the air, strangely I preferred it when just one or two of the girls joined me for a fucking session. The relationships could be more intense, the sex more tingling, and therefore more satisfying than the casual friendship and throw-away sex with girls you might get working in a brothel.

Brothel girls – Somehow lying about naked while waiting to be picked out for sex by some dark figure at the other side of the room never really did it for me. The rejection stank almost as much as being chosen and I just got hornier. Sure you could form relationships with the other girls but any progress you made was subject to the constant interruption of having to go off and be fucked by some creep. This was definitely not the life for me.

Bathtime – The only time I got to have fun in a brothel was bathtime when the girls’ showers were sacrosanct and you got to enjoy all that nudity spiced with the occasional bit of groping and hot, wet kisses in the steamy atmosphere. So many anonymous fingers finding the interior of my pussy while my tits were relentlessly squeezed!

Coming to order – Being a hooker isn’t always as smooth running as this. The guys usually aren’t this handsome and nor do they come when you want them to.

Ye Olde Inn – Even playing the serving wench in bondage at a medieval themed brothel wouldn’t do it for me. And as for taking part in the live lesbian shows! Let’s say the level of enthusiasm being generated didn’t really match my expectations.

Soft in the head – Working as a call-girl at house parties isn’t any better. You never know what kind of weirdoes you’re going to meet. Usually they want it rough and dirty and neither of those is top of my list for a fun evening.

Drowning in cum – Sometimes you get the feeling that you are just drowning in guys’ cum and your ideal soul mate in a German Army helmet just isn’t going to be there for you.

Cum covered Suki – A typical picture of me at the end of a stint in a brothel. Shagged out and spunked over and not really any richer for it. Don’t feel sorry for me, I haven’t worked in a brothel for years.

A strap-on for Suki – The private contacts you make while on the game come in handy though. You meet a nice class of slave-girl who will do your bidding with no questions asked.

Horsing around – Two of my friends had a very stable relationship, involving a threesome with a horse. They were just being “neigh”bourly, I guess!

Pussy Pendulum launch party 1 – A good marketing concept to launch my book at a potential orgy venue.

Pussy Pendulum launch party 2 – I reckon we didn’t quite anticipate the female public’s reaction to so much wanton lust in one small confined space.

Kung Fu Suki – I had to fight my way out of there at least three times. I just kept going back for second helpings of all the free range pussy on offer.

Counting my assets – Was I still in one piece? Yes, two breasts and a pussy! The vital commodities are still there where they should be. Just a bit raw from continuous sucking!

This old man – There’s something about spontaneous casual sex with an experienced guy that floats my boat. I envy her.

Slumber party bliss – After working in a strip club and a brothel some people might find a slumber party with All-American girls a bit tame, but not me. It’s pillow fights in skimpy underwear that have made America the great place it is today.

Slumber party high jinks – If it weren’t for opportunities like this for young girls to get together, hit each other with pillows, brush one another’s hair and feel each other’s tits, there would never be any sex in College at all, ever.

Surrounded by pussy – It can be difficult to play the Miss Perfectly Innocent when one is surrounded on every side by playful pussy so I don’t even try.

Suki way out west – California seems to bring out the Pocahontas in me. A tight little frock, the wind coursing through my hair and I’m ready to fuck anything that moves!

BDSM buddies – On the lesbian bondage scene it’s all action heroines. Dress me in leather, chain me up and fist me till tea-time and I’ll be your friend for life. Honest!

The ideal set-up – Being the foundation stone of a lesbian love triangle in California is hard to beat. You get to eat pussy (a constant supply), you’re fucked with a dildo (in both holes) and you know you’re bringing two people together above you (socially as well as literally) who might not otherwise get so close. It’s just ideal.

Intimate sharing – Of course, two people can share intimacy without a basement sub-letting. Just get those naked breasts intermingling and it’s only a matter of time before the fingers will locate their fortune cookies.

Peach Suki – In the absence of a pussy, chew on a nice juicy peach to tide you over until your next fuck.

A little hot Mexican – This is a true story, folks. I know because I was that little hot Mexican.

A lot of cocks – Everyone has fantasies. This just happens to be mine.

Living for cum – The fantasy continues but the underlying message is real enough.

A dark stranger – Anonymous sex with a masked stranger. Could anyone be more submissive than this?

The Donegal nightmare – Read my book “The Pussy Pendulum” for the full low-down on this ordeal. I look a little the worse for wear because, let’s face it, I was.

Waiting for my Mistress – Here I am at home waiting for my Mistress to return from a hard day at the office. The anticipation is almost unbearable. Will she fuck me and then beat me or will she beat me before fucking me or will she just fuck me or just beat me? She leaves me tied up like this each morning so that I’ll spend the day faithful to her, just thinking about what she will do to me. It’s maybe not your typical dominant-sub relationship but it seems to work for us! I’m shitting myself and sooo excited I’ll probably come when I hear her footstep on the stairs.

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