Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Fighting for survival

Carpet bugger – It’s girl-fight time. Pussy versus Pussy in hot, on-the-floor, head-to-head action. I think it’s just an excuse for girls to have rough sex with each other and why not?

Headlock – Nothing more refreshing than a nude wrestle in the garden with one’s favourite fuck-buddy. Blondie looks tempted by that nipple. It won’t be long before the struggle turns into an embrace.

In the ring – “So you’re accusing me of having bigger tits than you, sweetie. Guilty as charged! Am I gonna cry false tears because you’re a sore loser?”

Recent post – Don’t feel sorry for her. The bitch deserved it.

Tight grip? – Is this a hug or a fight? They look too comfortable for it to be life-threatening.

Back massage – What us girls are willing to go through to improve our posture! Sit up straight, for fuck’s sake, honey.

Necking – This looks cosy. You wouldn’t think they’d only just met. But shouldn’t Blondie be facing the other way for it to be any fun?

Hand in hand – A stroll on the canvas as a prelude to sex. Works for me!

Three’s a crowd – Well, at least two of this threesome have lost all interest in sex and have taken a nap instead. Each to their own!

In the bedroom – This is where most arguments start. Let her wear tights if she wants to, sweetheart. It’s a free country after all.

Starting young – Ah, the school playground and an encounter with the school bully. This inter-house rivalry was sometimes taken to extremes.

Enemies in the pool – The relationships you form at school will often last well into adult life. The old hair-pulling technique is still there too.

A little disagreement – Sometimes a catfight gets so rough that your clothes are literally torn from your body. All the better to rub pussies, I suppose.

Six against one – Even with the odds stacked against her this redhead still manages to come out victorious. She’s got the muscles for it.

Five against one – A similarly uneven contest but this time the majority camp triumphs and the “one” finds herself fucked as a result.

Death fight – Fortunately for Sylvia she’ll live to fight another day. I hope she dispenses with that ghastly headscarf next time.

Deft strike – The old foot in the back kick while grasping the arm manoeuvre. Works every time.

Taken by surprise – No, I wasn’t. I let her do this to me. What? Do you think I’m stupid or something?

Turning the tables – When I’m in the mood to be dominant I can carry it off with ease. Don’t mess with the Sukster.

You’re fucked – It’s good to keep one’s hand in. Otherwise you can get ring-rusty and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

One thing leads to another – What began as a catfight has ascended into a serious pussy-grinding session. Yes, it does have that effect on the old nipples as well.

Nightclub confrontation – I don’t know what I’ve done to upset Miss Floral Slut but I’m sure we can resolve it amicably. A fuck-fight, perhaps?

Gentle persuasion – Usually a quiet word accompanied by a firm grip on the throat can settle any argument.

Getting to grips – What is it with this hair-pulling? Can’t we just kiss and make up?

Office politics – No, it’s not my turn to make the coffee, you whore. I did it yesterday, so there!

Cavegirls battle – From time immemorial women have fought each other, usually over men. Isn’t it time we wised up? Men just aren’t worth it.

Morning dew – A roll in the damp grass first thing in the morning soon gives you an appetite for a full English or a fuck, whichever comes first!

Hand pass – In the WWF rules it may not be, but I think when your opponent fingers you in the middle of a championship bout it’s a good sign that you are going to be good friends afterwards.

Squeeze to please – A really tight hug is a demonstration of caring. It would reduce anyone to an emotional state. There is so little real affection shown in the modern world. Enjoy it!

Scissors cut paper – They can also stop you breathing. Blondie seems to be enjoying her dominance though.

Come here often? – Did you see the X-factor last night? Fancy a coffee afterwards? There is so little time to really communicate these days. It’s good to get up close and personal occasionally.

Eat my pussy – Well, there doesn’t seem to be much alternative at the moment. I think you should stay like this even after the bell goes. Pussy must be eaten, otherwise how can it know that it’s pussy? Very profound!

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