Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Girls in trouble

Whoops! – This young lady asked to be nailed to the floor but I don’t think this is quite what she was expecting. She doesn’t look too pleased anyway. In this selection of images showing girls in trouble we should remember that they were all volunteers and are now living happily ever after. At least I hope so.

A spot of bother – This is what happens if you’re cheeky to your boyfriend. It pays to be polite no matter how much you may have been provoked.

Post-match interview – Yes, her pussy will have some strong views while she just looks relieved. “The lads did really well in the first half, Brian, and in the second I think we got more into the game and managed to get a few shots on target. What matters are the three points and I’m happy with that.”

Sucking Sarah – Well, Sarah does go to so much trouble for her guests that the least one can do is gobble her clitoris.

Going up – Stuffing things up her cunt is another option not to be neglected. She does seem to appreciate the basic courtesies and the general thrust of where one is coming from.

Pussy eater – Give that cunt a good thorough going-over. He shouldn’t be pulling her lovely hair like that. Let’s just eat out her pussy. That should lift her spirits for her.

Keeping her hand in – When she asked for a hand I’m not sure that’s exactly what she was hoping for but I suppose it’s a start.

Pussy talk – Wow, another interview with a pussy under pressure. I’m sure this one has a view on where those two balls should end up.

Your turn next – Yes, you two girlies are next in line for the torture chamber. I hope you’ve both made your wills and informed your next-of-kin.

Strategic position – I wonder if the girl on her back is trying to work out what she should do next. It seems pretty obvious to me.

Tied to table – The feast has been prepared and is looking somewhat tasty. Let’s tuck in before it gets cold.

Painful promise – Someone has been naughty and is in need of punishment. It looks like she’s going to get a detailed briefing first.

Silent witness – What lies in store for you, honey? Best not say a word.

Roped in – Patiently waiting her turn, she’s lost in thought. A little shopping would be nice to soothe that troubled brow.

Anal contact is confirmed – She’s thinking – “I’ll give you fucking pussy pendulums, fucking Suki Jensen-Ramirez!”

Waiting in the wings – Another candidate auditions for a role as a pendulum pussy. Will she get the part?

X marks the spot – She looks like a natural but does she really think she’s auditioning for the X-factor? Singing her little heart out she is.

Blonde upside down – This is one way to dry your hair after a wash, sweetheart. There are others.

A different angle – You’re meant to be a question mark, honey. Head up, legs straight down. Chop, chop!

Underneath the arches – Aahhh, you can just smell Pussy Pendulum Island from here, can’t you?

Free range pussies – What a big pendulum you’ve found! And your pussies are dripping wet too. Great potential.

My new pet – Little does Darwina know what Lady Alma and the Countess have in store for her. A new career on Pussy Pendulum Island awaits.

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