Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Hot girls in action

Fluffy white out – Yeah! Soft, furry, a sensual fluffy kitten. You may eventually get snow blindness but won’t it be worth it?

Baked blondes – Take a look at these sundried tomatoes! Too hot for the microwave or conventional ovens, they’ll cook in their own free-flowing juices without any third party intervention.

Champagne moment – “Go on, honey. Pour the whole bottle over me. You’re the one who’s gonna have to lick it off!”

Just reward – When two faces collide! Crash!! I bet she regrets going in so fast and furious for that all-important post-award kiss. Still, a broken nose is probably easier to fix than a crushed pussy.

The Invisible Man – He’s at it again – fucking this poor girl mercilessly and she doesn’t know why she’s coming in bucket-loads for no apparent reason. It must be handy to be invisible at times like this!

Where’s that beaver? – “He said he would build a dam for me and then he just pissed off! You just can’t rely on your beaver to get what you want these days.”

Eager to please – She’s worried about what’s going to happen to her. I’d say it’s pretty obvious. She’s going to be fucked for the rest of the week – non-stop!

Sweet lips – Perfect harmony when warm, wet, sugar-coated lips meet their match and all is right with the world.

Pregnant bliss – She’s going to have an orgasmic birth. You can just tell, can’t you?

Big tits – Whoops! She’s beginning to tilt. She could topple over at any second. No matter how far she tries to lean back those huge hot balloons have a forward momentum of their own. Timber!

What an ass! – Tradesmen should use the rear entrance, as frequently as possible preferably.

Curves Incorporated – Perfect contours rounded off for your pleasure. This company will go far, methinks!

This is a body – Is she for real? The original hour-glass figure model is making me jealous. Every home should have one (strictly for egg-timing purposes, of course!).

Tight fit – Another figure I’d like to hug! “Well, while I’m here I might as well show off the fact that both my cunt and my ass fit perfectly in these leggings.”

Bathroom inspiration – I suppose when you catch sight of the reflection of your beautiful body in the bathroom mirror you just have to record the moment for posterity. Or do you?

Log on – Posing nude in the woods is what every girl should be doing in the morning instead of lazily logging onto a computer. The feel of bark on pussy is surely one of the joys of living!

Putting your tongue in – By contrast, this is the way to spend your afternoons. Swapping tongues with your best friend in a hanging basket has to be a must for every girl after lunch.

Pussy for hire – Hello, puss-puss! Are you ready for some hot action? I hope so because it’s coming your way.

I wanna be fucked – She has tabled herself and even strategically placed a dildo for penetrative purposes. Is there a breakdown in communication here?

Time for botty-smack – The slave girl may be suspicious about her Mistress’s motives for getting her out of the chair. That paddle looks as if it is about to come into play. If you’ve been a naughty girl you must take your punishment, honey. There’s no escape!

My report is ready – Homework done and feeling horny? I’m speeding to your rescue, babe!

Sex no strings – I think there may be a few distractions along the way. This is my favourite colour dress if, indeed, it is a dress. So effective when matched with bare brown skin! Talk about being fuckable!

Looking good – White also goes well with a tan. Another honey-trap awaits.

Cool blonde – She’s popping out all over. Luckily there’s a little “give” in the dress fabric for her to burst forth.

Black is back – Yes, the little black dress is hard to beat when one is in seduction mode.

Swinging sweetly – She’ll carry on swinging until someone pulls that pink ribbon and releases her bosom into the wild.

Halter-neck hottie – “Ooohh! You startled me. I expect you’ll want to fuck me now or am I wrong?”

Poolside teaser – The world’s smallest bikini is modelled here by a shy cutie who only wants you to pull strings for her.

Sexy sinner – A body like this was just made for committing adultery and she knows it too.

Table decoration – She slipped out of that dress so easily I suspect she may either be allergic to satin or covered in grease.

Sunshine swinger – Naked on a recliner, swinging in the sun. Bound to bring on an orgasm, I’d say.

Giving her the two fingers – A much surer way of getting an orgasm, even if it does appear to be coming as a surprise!

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