Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

I’m at it again

Suki with dragon – So my pet dragon (aka the Dark Side) is urging me to have more sex, as if I couldn’t live without it. I could slay said dragon with that sword (or phallic symbol) but then there would be no story, no sex, no pussy, no nudity. You get the picture? Good, now you know why I’m at it again.

Breast lover – My female-to-male transsexual is brightening up my bedroom again. I still don’t know why he has that big blue arrow on him and I’m too afraid of offending him to ask. I’ll just pretend it’s not there unless he brings it up in the conversation.

Girly threesome with Suki – I do meet some great people and it would be rude to refuse a nipple or a pussy when it is offered to you. There’s just something about a threesome that appeals to my inner dragon.

A hot threesome for Suki – Of course, when a man is a third of the company it’s nice to do a bit of squatting. We’ll change ends in a little while but in the meantime a good squeeze and a lot of kissing are called for.

How about a quickie? – In those rare moments when I’m not fucking or being fucked I am of course on the look-out for likely candidates. A wink is as good as a nod in such circumstances especially when you’re already pointing at your pussy.

Sex around the clock – It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. The time is right for sex. You don’t think that clock is too subtle a hint for a man, do you?

Orgy time – Well, I suppose an orgy does save time even when there are only one man and ten girls involved. You almost feel sorry for him, don’t you? Oh, well.

Sucking Santa – Yes, I want to make sure I get some decent Christmas presents, don’t I? I hope this guy didn’t just put on the suit to fool me. I’m hoping for more than an orange in my stocking, you know.

Suki comes – I agree it’s a terrible shirt but sometimes you have to lower your standards in the interests of an orgasm or two.

Taking it all in – Sorry, I can’t talk with my mouth full. You’ll just have to imagine me humming my way through this one.

Wet today? – A little less conversation and a little more action. That’s what is called for. If I’m wet it’s for a reason and the reason isn’t intellectual stimulation.

Spank the pussy – Clearly a naughty pussy (as she’s wearing black!). A good spanking will surely help her reform, won’t it? OK, so it never worked for me, but that’s beside the point.

Model pose – It looks like I’m on the prowl again. How long do I have to stand like this at a party before somebody gets the message?

Suki burns – My pussy is as hot as ever and I’ve got a really good rhythm going. Maybe someone should call the Fire Brigade before I start a forest fire.

My kind of strap-on – Aahhh! Now this is what I call a real strap-on. Of course size matters. Why would you think otherwise?

Suki in the rain – A flimsy frock in the rain! See-thru! Come on, guys, this is not brain surgery. Two and two make …?

Move, you mule – It’s the annual sports day at my local lesbian club and I’m determined to win first prize. These gay horses are pretty useless though. It’s going to be a lottery.

Drama queen – I believe in putting my all into a book reading, don’t you? It should be like a Broadway Show with lights, sound effects and, well, as for stage presence … I hope I haven’t overdone it with the starched hair spikes. Tell me if I have.

Squat thrust – These new talking vibrators are all the rage. I think it’s Google that produces them. They seem to know everything.

Hospital trust – Training as a nurse was fun for me and very helpful. I discovered that it was really being a masseuse that I was cut out for rather than an actual nurse per se. Still a caring profession though.

Yet another orgy – This one was in the Mid-West and as a visitor I seem to be the centre of attention. The girl licking my lips still sends me the occasional e-mail.

Taking one for the team – Why is it that guys often seem to want to go anal when a perfectly good pussy is making itself available. For your information, guys, this is prime pussy. Leave assholes out of the equation altogether please. (Team = Team Female).

Get on with it – In a threesome there is no time to debate the niceties. It shouldn’t even be like a relay race where you hand over a baton. All the effort should go into enabling each participant to achieve orgasm without undue delay.

Hooked – One more anal obsessed guy for the books. Why is my pussy being ignored? It’s fucking fantastic pussy, for fuck’s sake, guys!

Testing time – Clearly in the Mid-West you have to go to jail in order to get fucked properly and even then they use a fucking machine. I so miss the personal touch!

The wrong place – Female Sheriffs are the worst apparently. At least I had some company in the cells.

Down to business – They are much more civilised in LA. Just butter up your agent in her office and the world’s your oyster.

Movie star – Casting is easy-peasy, it appears.

Getting serious – Wow! I think her tongue is reaching all the way to the hairs on the back of my neck!

Where I belong – I seem to have found my true role and the only dragon around is a red bush that I’m just about to gobble up. I guess I shouldn’t appear too ravenous even though I am. This is Suki Jensen-Ramirez, Hollywood, USA. Good night and good luck.

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