Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez


Suki gets a seeing-to – Yes, one does get carried away sometimes when the orgasms come thick and fast. This girl really knows how to devour a pussy though, so you can’t blame me for getting a bit excited. I think I did eventually stop coming but it did seem like forever at the time.

Licking time – My turn to give out the orgasms. Yes, I do my fair share of licking and inducing earth-shattering climaxes too. It’s only right that other people’s pussies should have as good a time as mine does.

In the brothel – Being licked between clients is a great way to relax but it’s also nice to squeeze some tits and do some serious deep-throat kissing of one’s fellow hookers. Call it a mini-orgy if you like but it sure beats off the boredom.

For your amusement – I don’t really like playing the dominatrix but I’ve had to do it occasionally and I’ve tried my best to be convincing. However, I’m much more at home as a submissive as I’m sure you’ve guessed already.

Suki’s gang – So we’re this international band of lesbian criminals who have stolen some famous works of art. I’m obviously the brains and fucker-in-chief behind the operation and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

A close shave for Suki – I much prefer it when someone shaves my pussy for me. I hate having to do my own but I’m more than happy to reciprocate for a friend.

Kissing the Gypsy – No, it’s not a euphemism. They say it brings good luck but I’m always ready to kiss an attractive gypsy girl even if there is no luck involved. I hope she feels the same way about me.

No mercy for Suki – Another case of my pussy being licked to ribbons and my anus being rimmed until I can only squeal and scream and come in response. It’s a tough old life, isn’t it?

Three’s company – Yes, I’m keen when it comes to fucking my girlfriends. Always the first to strip off and grope around, that’s me!

Fucking until Dawn comes – Well, I don’t really care if Dawn makes it eventually. I’m more than happy if me and my two fuck-buddies take care of each other and Dawn can look after herself.

Redheads in the outback – You’ve got to admire these two Australian girls. They’re just going for it and don’t give a shit who’s watching. I’m not sure why one of them has kept her gloves on though. Must be an Aussie thing!

Starting young – If teenage girls can’t keep their hands off each other let them go ahead, I say. If they’re sisters, so much the better. Sisters should be close and having sex with each other will bring them closer.

A new toy for Suki – I love it when my girlfriend gives me presents, especially when it’s another girl to play with us.

Watching on hidden camera – Real life can be like being on “Big Brother.” You never know who is watching you.

A kiss in the night – Our new post-girl is even more refreshing than an early morning cup of coffee. That’s what I need first thing when I’m still in my nightie – a good morning kiss from a hottie on a mission!

When two busts collide – Silicon Valley will never be the same again. I do hope there weren’t any stray puppies or innocent third parties caught in the middle when this pair of pairs came together with a thwack!

Finger fun – Oh, I’m at it again on the beach. Is there no such thing as self-control anymore? Clearly not!

When Jenny met Sally – So this is the story of two vintage hotties. It all starts innocently enough.

A slap for a sexy ass – The girls are growing frisky.

Your hands on my breasts – Flirting with one another excites.

Want it, come for it – Going topless releases those inhibitions.

My idea of perfect pussy – Sucking on nipples can only lead you to one place.

So fucking beautiful – Licking ass by moonlight.

Suck on my tits –Those breasts are irresistible.

Soft tongue on clit – Eating pussy is addictive.

Angelic honey – A new intimacy develops.

Your cunt is a work of art – An all-night fucking session is inevitable.

A perfect team – Playing a tune on a wet pussy.

The girl of my dreams – Life can be one long fuck.

Calm this throbbing pussy – An insatiable desire has been awakened.

Don’t stop fucking me – The bed-springs are tested to the limit.

It’s that Gypsy again – This gypsy gets around and plays a mean tambourine. You just have to kiss her though, don’t you?

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