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Suki makes a friend – I’m always getting into trouble, as you know. Here I am landing in the shit again, literally. Luckily there is a small, ugly person there to help me out. I always try to be nice to people, even ugly ones, as you can never have too many friends. I’m not sure that I would go so far as to let him fuck me, though. Hard as it is to believe, even I have standards!

Suki makes another friend – This guy I want to fuck me. Am I making this fact too obvious, do you think? Should I play hard to get? I’m not sure that I know how that game goes!

Suki in trouble – Sometimes, when one is totally “sub” like me, one gets it wrong and discovers too late that one cannot trust the dominant. Oh, well, at least I didn’t willingly let some Saudi bastard fuck me for a week.

Suki still in trouble – Even a sexual superheroine needs to rest her pussy occasionally. Everyone has to have their limits and mine just happens to be seven days, OK?

More problems for Suki – What in fuck’s name am I doing wearing underwear in this tableau? I deserve all I get for such a break with tradition!

A dildo too far – I don’t know! These guys who wear masks, tie up women and fuck them! There ought to be a law against it!

Another dildo for blondie – Sadistic women are no better! Even when it’s not me being tortured and fucked that still doesn’t make it right!

Fucking for your lives – These girls are kinda cute together but those Mexican wrestler chappies are clearly out of line. Nobody should have to fuck someone they don’t want to, even to save their own life.

Forced into lesbianism – This is a difficult concept for me to get my head around. It’s hard to imagine someone having to be forced, but I’m sure it must happen. Bound to! I’m pretty sure it does. Possibly!

The fucking never stops – I know what I’d like to do to those masked men and it isn’t thank them.

Blondie does her bit – Another blonde sex slave, another masked bastard. Where do these people come from?

A fresh foursome – At last a little consensual sex to clear the air. I’ll have a big “P” please, Bob.

Four for the road – Whoops! That didn’t last long. We’re back to the sex slavery thing again. Looks as if they’re having fun at least.

Gang rape for the virgin –You can’t still get virgins, can you? I thought they were a defunct species like the dinosaur. They must only move in gang rape circles.

Taught to submit – Yes, librarians can be a tough breed. If you don’t return those books you borrowed on time there’s clearly a forfeit to pay.

Revenge is sweet – And not before time! It’s payback for us girls. I could use a set of retractable blade knuckles myself on occasions.

Wanted on stage – It’s difficult to be convincing when having a staged sex scene but these two seem to have managed it pretty well.

Rehearsals for a show – A lesbian lap dance isn’t as easy as it looks. These redheads have a good understanding of the essentials, I think.

No more games – So this right little madam gives me a good telling-off. I simply had to fuck her there and then, didn’t I?

A lesson for the teacher – So when two chicks get frisky in my French class there’s only one solution. An oral test! They both get top marks.

Superhero status – I see a pattern developing here. No problem, it’s one I can live with.

No swim today – Normally I never turn down the chance for a swim but this time I’m making an exception. Well, when you’re a sex slave and your legs are untied you just have to make a break for it, don’t you?

Class in the ass? – A perfectly good pussy going to waste. I’ll never understand it.

Suki Sioux – This is more like it. Native American Me gets pounded by a superstud. Geronimo and long may it continue.

Missed – Six guys and not one of them with any sense of aim! No use crying over spilt milk, I guess!

Fucking Suki – There’s something about having a pretty blonde lie down on top of you and kiss you on the mouth. I don’t know that I can put my finger on it. Her dress is just too long for me to reach!

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