Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sex slave Suki

Dressing to please your dominant – If it were up to me I wouldn’t be seen dead in an outfit like this but when you are a submissive sex slave you have to wear what your Master wants you to. Even so, I think I may have put this on back-to-front. Will I be punished? I certainly hope so!

Submissive slave Suki – Of course, you must always be on your knees in your Master’s presence unless he tells you otherwise. This is so you are always in the best position ready to suck his cock when he requires it which is pretty much always. The same principle applies if you have a Mistress. On your knees so that you can lick her pussy at a moment’s notice. It makes sense really!

Suki in chains – So, I’m a pendulum pussy too. Who would have guessed? Being suspended for a while before you are fucked gives you a chance to clear your head of everything superfluous. You can then concentrate solely on what is to come – a fuck and you!

Pendulum Suki – I always feel so helpless when in chains and hanging from the ceiling. There is just nothing I can do to prevent someone fucking me at either end. It’s fantastic!

Pendulum for pussy – This is an unusual usage for a suspended pussy but I suppose it beats opening a tin of Whiskas on the fun barometer. Anyway eight out of ten cats said they preferred it.

Suki is gangbanged – It may seem as if I’m not enjoying this but really I am. I love being gangbanged as long as it’s done considerately and with my prior permission.

Suki in sex show – My one and only sex show appearance! I was good and I went down well so a few guys from the audience did get to fuck me as a sort of encore.

Slave Suki tastes cunt – When you’re Wonderwoman you do have to be skilled at eating pussy (I have the certificate!). The more skilled you are, the more pussy you get to eat. Those many hours spent training sure do pay off!

Cricket is so exciting – Oh, the thwack of willow on pussy! I wonder if we will get the runs, Sir Ian?

Slaves should be blonde – Yes, after much experimentation I’ve come to the conclusion that all sex slaves should really be blondes.

A love potion for Suki – If there is such a thing as a love potion, I must be drinking copious amounts of it every night.

A good long Suki-fuck – It’s good to have groupies. Having acquired a reputation as an expert lover one is constantly called upon by one’s fans to prove it.

Sunbed sex – Slowly baking while lying naked thinking of having sex. It’s great to be able to multi-task. A hot threesome is just the icing on the cake.

Alone with my pussy – Shit, a rare moment when nobody is fucking me! I hope this crisis will soon be over and normal life resumes.

Three on the carpet – Thank goodness I didn’t have long to wait! The meat in a hot, nude teen sandwich puts me right where I belong.

Silent movie – It’s like being in an avant-garde French sex film. Plenty of lingering close-ups interspersed with naked action. Oh, serious acting is such hard work, isn’t it?

Double dildo fuck – I’m in my element again with this punk girl. I wonder what background they’ll add to this blue screen at the edit stage? A shopping mall concourse would be good!

Elevator sex – Sometimes when you’re in the hotel lift with a beautiful woman in evening dress you just have to go for it. Life’s too short to miss opportunities.

Granny gets frisky – What do you do when a much older woman gets you naked and cops a feel? Me, I just let her. The first few times anyway!

Pussy for breakfast – I will always maintain that the first meal of the day should be neat pussy. It’s so nourishing and energising. The natural way to start the day!

Suki in training – Swinging, prostrate, flat on one’s back or clubbing – it’s all part of the modern girl’s armoury as she prepares for fucking.

Assassin Suki – I’ve been hired anonymously by a feminist group to shoot the creator of Pussy Pendulum Island. I’m just going to sit here on this oversized pendulum and wait until she comes along. Whenever I see her I’ll tell her she’s a very naughty girl, give her a yellow card warning and say she should not do it again. I know. I can be hard on myself sometimes!

In the job description small print – Fortunately I’m not the only girl regularly fucked across a desk by my boss. My red-headed friend here is hoping for the afternoon off and I think she deserves it.

Wanna fork – Ah, the smell of freshly baled hay and freshly bathed farm boys! There’s only one thing for it. It’s time to gangbang me again.

Dance club Suki – Fresh from the agricultural arena I’m in a nightclub and unsurprisingly out to attract the male of the species (or the female, I’m not fussy).

Time to strip – You instinctively know when that strategic moment arrives to get naked.

Nude Suki – On my knees, suppliant, touching myself. Who could be more fuckable?

A tigress for Suki? – Well, on this occasion I seem to have got myself a rampant tigress or maybe she’s a leopard. Whatever! As long as we’re fucking one another who cares about the finer details?

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