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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Sex tour with Suki

Suki is caught masturbating – So my boss caught me naked in the toilet fingering myself at lunchtime, as you do. She didn’t seem in the least bit perturbed by it. In fact, she was rather enjoying my embarrassment.

Suki fucks her boss – Actually it was more a case of her fucking me. I was quite surprised as I didn’t think she felt that way about me. I loved it when she devoured my breasts. Her own breasts were simply delicious. I couldn’t get enough of them.

Busy Suki – I must be getting really careless as my dad caught me naked having sex with three girls in his apartment. He found my embarrassment entertaining as well. I live to please.

Sixtynining with a blonde – Talking of pleasing, it’s very hard to beat a good mutual licking session with another girl. If you can get just the right position it can be a heavenly experience. Lucky me!

Hot babes for Suki – Everywhere I look there seem to be hot babes willing to have sex with me. I seem to be on a roll at the moment. I love it when they slurp and gurgle into my pussy. Long may it continue!

Sweet innocence – Not every girl I get naked with is clued into what is going on. Some seem to think it’s just slumber party high jinks. Why enlighten them?

A hard one for Suki – As you probably know by now I have a special thing for all-girl threesomes. If one of the girls wants to take me with a strap-on cock who am I to argue?

Fun at the pool – Of course, foursomes are perfectly acceptable too. You can actually drown while performing underwater cunnilingus unless you have the technical know-how. This girl is demonstrating her technique brilliantly.

No fisting – She did point to the sign but we just couldn’t resist anyway. Of course, we made her wash her feet before we sucked her toes. Hygiene is so important in a public utility, isn’t it?

Double teamed – Okay, so I get excited when two guys have me as the meat in their sandwich. Can you really blame me?

Leftovers – There’s something about lying on the changing room floor covered in copious amounts of guys’ cum that just makes me feel wanton.

Dreaming of Suki – Some of my girlfriends tell me that they fantasise about having bondage sex. Don’t we all, I say? Making someone’s dreams come true is what it’s all about, don’t you think?

Spoilt for choice – I believe in keeping my options open. Variety is good and so a threesome which includes a guy also scores high on my list of preferences.

Pole position – Occasionally I like to be on top. If the erection can be sustained for long enough a good time will be had by all.

Still on top – All this sliding up and down is hard work, even for a well-trained pussy. The sweat is dripping off both of us already and we’ve only just begun.

Side view – Don’t get excited. It’s not him. Just a look-alike who tickled my fancy dress party. Still a good Caribbean shag though!

A quick job – Handymen are handy when you need a quick job doing. This was one of those times when an urgent fuck was needed.

Role play – Yes, you can liven up an afternoon with an impromptu kidnapping, provided you know the kidnapper and trust him not to overdo things too much.

Suki gets an enema – Now this was overdoing it! Far from being flushed with success I’m champing at the bit to get someone’s balls in a vice.

Desperate times – Of course, if you’re really being held prisoner by a mad sex-maniac it can get pretty unpleasant. I should know! (See The Pussy Pendulum.)

Back on track – Thank goodness for the shower at the gym! Where would we be without it?

One for the sauna – Yes, the sauna is another good location for some light fingering.

Bring it on – Even thirsty aliens at a garden party are fair game.

Suki’s boss comes – I’m thinking a salary increase, longer holidays, separate toilet breaks!

Eating a piece of ass – The dream becomes a reality. I reckon this ass needs a good spanking, followed by a marathon chewing, licking and kissing session. Yummy!

Romance lives! – Ah, Lady Duckworthy, what a privilege it is to make your acquaintance, with Jane Austen nowhere in sight.

Xmas spirit – Okay, guys, as it’s the season of good will to all men you can take your pick between my pussy and my anus. An ass-fuck is an option over the holiday period. Offer ends New Year’s Eve.

Season’s Greetings – To all my readers I wish a very Merry Christmas, peace and love. Keep fucking!

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