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Worship of Sukitep – I can trace my sexual origins back more than 3,000 years to Ancient Egyptian Queen Sukitep who was worshipped as a Goddess by her subjects. As you can see she put Elizabeth Taylor to shame and had very clean feet too. She treated men like dogs and had utter contempt for them. I think the haughtiness has been bred out of me in the interim to a point where I quite like men or at least see that they have their uses.

Torch bearer – Queen Sukitep apparently liked to torture her men and not just by strutting around naked giving them hard-ons. You have to admire her strength of will and sense of purpose, I suppose. Nice tits too.

Heating the ring – Fond of a hot cock, she had her own tried and trusted methods of ensuring the male member was just the right temperature to be admitted to her pulsating vagina.

Cock au vin – Sukitep also had a gourmet streak and was fond of seasoning her delicacies before consuming them. A full-bodied red wine went well with a sizzling hot cock, it seems.

Wine tasting – A superb vintage – just the right consistency, fruity, warm on the palate, a mere suggestion of figs, a smidgin of oak and just a hint of penis. My kind of beverage too.

Raising the stakes – If she was not satisfied in the pussy department by her succession of lovers it appears that Sukitep exacted swift retribution.

Crushing defeat – Squashed penis was viewed as a breakfast treat, rather like fried mushrooms, and was usually enjoyed by the Queen after some strap-on anal action finished off the last semblance of manhood in her victims. The court had a steady supply of eunuchs.

It’s tough being a Pharaoh – It seems that Sukitep was eventually deposed by her brother and ended her days as a redheaded slave in the new king’s harem where she got the chance to regularly demonstrate her sisterly affection.

Time to shear – In a way I feel sorry for old Sukitep but life goes on and I’ve come a long way since those Ancient Egyptian days. It would be nice to have a slave or two though. I could do with one right now to shave my pussy. Any volunteers?

Suki’s first tongue kiss – My sex life has come on in leaps and bounds since my first proper kiss in high school. You always remember your first though.

Hot waitress – When I worked as a waitress I was propositioned all the time and I guess I did my fair share of flirting as well. People seem to find it easier to ask you for sex when you’re in a subservient position.

All girl threesome in “The Pussy Pendulum” – I enjoyed this session which is described in detail in my debut novel.

Julie and Suki wind down in “The Pussy Pendulum” – Find out more about my affair with Julie in “The Pussy Pendulum.”

Fingering desire – I’ve always loved using my fingers to reduce girls to a heap of rubble.

Deep C fisting – If you haven’t tried multiple fisting under water you haven’t lived. There really should not be room for everybody.

Fucking Suki – The foreplay tension is often as good as the actual sex. Knowing it’s going to happen is half the fun.

Men are useless – “This is so romantic, Suki. I wonder where that no-good boyfriend of yours is right now. No doubt being a waste of space somewhere I’ll bet.”

Bound to fail – Having experimented with bondage I’m not sure it’s for me. It’s exciting to try new things though. Perhaps it will grow on me.

Sad Suki – When I was imprisoned in Donegal, as described in my novel “The Pussy Pendulum,” I was a sad girl and it put me right off bondage as a sexual sport, at least for now anyway.

Super girls – I suppose it was the fact that men were doing it to me while I was powerless which put me off. If another girl chained me up and fucked the shite out of me it might be a different story.

Naked in the night – I love nocturnal encounters in the nude with other females. It gets my adrenalin flowing among other things. Wandering about naked at all hours helps, I guess.

Vampire meets princess – My fantasy is to meet a princess and seduce her as a vampire would. Manga Me has already done this, of course. I’m super jealous.

Goat dancer – I quite often find myself in nightclubs dancing with some old goat. Well, you do when you work as a lap-dancer, don’t you? Still, if the goat’s paying I’m dancing. That’s the way the world works.

Not the baby-sitting type – Child care is just not my thing. I’ll never make housewife and mother, I know that.

Suki fucks – It won’t be for the want of guys fucking me. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of that.

Desperate measures – When there are no guys around you just have to improvise.

Seize the day – Grasp hold of what you can and squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of it.

Paradise holiday – Find that tropical island and give it all you’ve got.

Spank the botty – Back at the office try hard to develop a good understanding with your colleagues. I just love to get stuck into whatever is on the day’s schedule.

Redheads suck – Just as long as I don’t end up like Sukitep I’ll be alright. I would hate to be a redhead, tied up in some guy’s dungeon, helping him live out his Nazi fantasies. I’m destined for greater things. Stay tuned!

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