Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki rides again

Space Sex Queen Suki – Here I am in the Control Centre on Pussy Pendulum Island in one of my “Space Queen” outfits. I like to lord it over the Earthlings … I mean … the underlings from time to time. Notice all the latest high-tec equipment that we have, all designed to bring maximum pleasure to the Island’s visitors. (Of course, I include myself in that high-tec range!)

Suki unites Orange and Green – I’m not just doing good on Pussy Pendulum Island. Here in Northern Ireland I’m doing my bit to cement good relations between the two sides – Orange and Green – as symbolised in this artwork. Either that or both sides are trying to fuck the Yanks!

Assfucker – I’ve certainly had more than my fair share of taking it up the back passage recently. I’m trying to cut down on that at the moment but there’s always the exception i.e. gorgeous hunk!

Spunk spattered Suki – I quite often seem to end the night like this. I really can’t imagine why.

Blonde Suki at work – Blonde Me only gets an occasional outing. Usually in a wig and usually connected with model work.

Blonde Suki is fucked – When I do go blonde people always seem to make a beeline for my pussy. I suppose I do ask for it!

Suki’s nipples get the treatment – Thank goodness she didn’t forget my breasts. I love a girl sucking on them even more than I love sucking on hers.

Geisha Suki makes a friend – I think I was probably cut out to be a geisha. I love serving people (born waitress) and I love being fucked (born hooker). My two favourite things rolled into one. Here I meet and befriend a butterfly. I don’t expect the friendship to last. Before long I know he’ll want to fuck me and I can never say “no” to a gentle and polite request.

Breastfeeding Uncle Jim – Yes, I’m breastfeeding again. I told you I could never say “no.”

Bat or wolf? – It’s too difficult to choose so they should both have a go. Sure at the same time. I’m a busy girl, you know. Bang goes my ass again!

Caught in the web – My redheaded friend and I are both afraid of spiders. I’m clearly not the only one with relationship problems, it seems.

Hypnopussy – I’ve never been hypnotised but I’m sure I could pretend to be if that’s what someone wanted.

Playful pussy – Thanks, I have one but this is another nice little pussy. I could have hours of fun with her but she’s so tiny and so young. I really need a much bigger pussy to play with.

I’d like a big pussy – I know I said it and I deserve what I get but this is not the big pussy I was thinking of. Those claws really dig in, don’t they?

This big pussy – Yes, this is more like it. He’s ready to follow me anywhere and a gin-soaked cock sounds good right about now.

See anything you like? – I’m on the market again and open to offers. Millionaires preferred but not essential.

I’ll pencil you in for Friday – I’ll draw in the crowds at the weekend if all goes well.

One of the players – So me and another girl ended up as bets in a high-stakes poker game. Luckily, a really great female player won us and set us free. She fucked us first, of course.

Fancy a finger? – A tentative approach to virginal babes often pays dividends.

Licky threesome – I’m at it again with two other girls – no poker preliminaries unless you count Facebook. My tongue is having its athleticism truly tested today.

Loads of Sukis – A fistful of Sukis as some of the actress/models who play me in these tableaux get together for a foursome. It’s DIY taken to a new level methinks.

Suki in the rain – It’s singing but not as we know it, Uncle Jim. I haven’t got a stitch on underneath my coat. Should I take it off and get really wet?

Submarine fuck – Aaahhh, bliss! Being screwed underwater is such fun. I might develop gills and do it for hours if “Evolution” was thinking straight.

Water babe – Up for air and new hairstyle, that citadel is making me even more horny.

Good at it – A little practice makes perfect, they say, and it’s fun too!

Titjam – Competition between girls starts early. At school I was always comparing tits, asses and pussies with my girlfriends. It was all sweet innocence then but in later life the competitive spirit hots up.

Babe show – The competitive element manifests itself in the field of nude girl wrestling where I’ve done my bit to earn a dollar.

Nude wrestling – Friendships and relationships with the other girls are tested to the limit.

Girl on girl – Ill-feeling can sometimes carry over into the after-show hotel room.

Bedroom contest – Often only a revenge session on the bed will put relations back on an even keel.

Girl time – The girl wrestlers can also relieve their little frustrations in the hotel pool during the day. Sex is a great tension-easer.

Man management – The male referees on the circuit frequently come in for some rough treatment as the girls give vent to their feelings. If men didn’t exploit and encourage the wrestling shows us girls could be the sweet little angels we are at heart. I think we’d still want to fuck each other, though!

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