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Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki’s World Tour

Suki worships cock – Well, of course, I do! Me – overambitious?  Perhaps on this occasion. I do like a big one, though, and they don’t get much proportionately bigger than this. I must say I like Doll Suki. I think she captures my essence just right, a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it.

Suki in hot threesome – If it’s too big for one person to handle then why not get a friend to help? Together I think we’ll be able to manage this one. Let me taste that hot cum. Delicious!

Suki’s threesome dilemma – Something tells me this is not the thin end of the wedge! Sorry, buddy, but neither my anus nor my pussy can deal with this. No, not even the two combined. However, don’t despair. We will work something out, even if it has to be a double team tit-wank.

Lesbian interlude – Thank goodness! Just what I need – a little female company to calm me down. Right, honey, got to get you out of this underwear. I’m a basque separatist.

Nude Suki – Now, there’s a turn-up. Me, in the nude? How unusual is that? Time for some skinny-dipping, methinks.

Suki in the water – At home in my natural habitat. I’m a water-babe at heart. Aahh! A nice cool rock against my pussy. Bliss!

Suki nude on the beach – I think I’ll just lie here until somebody comes along and fucks me. Shouldn’t have to wait too long, I hope.

Suki makes a new friend – I think we go well together. She’s a blonde version of me, I guess.

Suki and friends – My choice of friends has usually been restricted to a certain type I think I’ll call “Fuck-Me-Barbies.” I’m probably one myself.

Suki in BDSM quandary – And here’s Blondie doing exactly that. I suppose I needed a good fisting and what better way to get it than when one is trussed up and helpless. I think I’ll come here more often.

Suki the traveller – Now I’m off on my brief World Tour to search for more people to fuck me …er… I mean…to promote my book.

Suki goes oriental – Aahh, the Far East! Back to my roots. I may have overdone the tiara just a tad but you get the picture.

Suki the Filipina – This is where I make full use of my blue and green contact lenses. I think I’ll put me in a Manila envelope and post me to myself or maybe I could form an e-mail attachment. Should I download myself onto you?

Queen Suki – I knew I had royal blood in my veins. I just wish my dress-maker was better at stitching.

Suki in the Far East – New day, new head-dress. Still sexy, though!

Suki goes Geisha – Ooops! Someone has stuck a big pin in my head. Just because I offered them tea and sex for money. I’m staying demure for now but I don’t like prudes. They might have at least taken the tea!

Suki in China – There is nothing like blending in with the locals and this is nothing like blending in with the locals. Do you think that panda wants to have sex with me? It’s only our first date but I just might.

Suki in Indian sari – Well, it’s a skimpy sari but that’s me all over. Thousand apologies for my bra showing but at least I’m not wearing any panties.

Suki the belly dancer – They thought I hadn’t got the stomach for it but I proved them wrong and earned a little extra cash. Well, a lot of extra cash, actually, with my dance of the one veil.

Suki the exotic dancer – I’ve got all the moves or I would have if this skirt weren’t made of fucking camel blanket.

Suki in Mexico – My Aztec phase sees me overdoing the tiara again. Still, if it makes an impression on the book-buying public who am I to argue?

Suki with Chihuahua – Actually shot in Beverly Hills. I mean the photo not the chihuahua who doesn’t really look all that secure though. I’ve got my “no-panties-underneath-this-dress” expression on my face as usual.

Suki the South American Goddess – Hundreds of guys have sacrificed their children for me, or their potential children anyway, so I guess that entitles me to Latina Goddess status.

Aqua Suki – Snapped at the Marina gazing at the fish and wondering if International Rescue were on their way to save me before the Stingray got me. Still no panties though.

Suki at Barbie convention – Me stripping in LA. Strictly no strings, but ready for anything the multiple Barbies and Kens can throw at me.

Suki at the end of the rainbow – My multi-coloured mini-dress pays tribute to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people everywhere. Of course, I’m a gay icon! How could it be otherwise?

Suki has sophisticated tastes – Mainly involving a lot of gold jewellery and sunglasses worn where they should be – on the top of the head as fashion statement (= this girl is not wearing panties).

Suki on an evening out – I can be classy when I want to be. Try me!

Suki goes up-market – I forgot I’m cooking dinner. I’ll have to pop to Tesco’s for some ingredients. Might as well make an impression while I’m there, eh?

Suki is stylish – Help! This scarf is trying to strangle me. Yes, my “being-strangled” expression is exactly the same as my “no-panties” one.

Suki is casual – When have I ever been casual except during sex? I’m still stylish in this outfit, moron!

Suki in a black dress – Yes, but there’s a rose growing out of my butt. Who planted it there? This is my “I’ve-got-something-in-my-anus-I-don’t-want-there” expression, by the way. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

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