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Hot as Hell – Some people just give you the impression that they are on fire and she is one of them. A winged babe could not be any hotter. She’s burning up and setting the tone for a magical adventure. Would you want to put her out? I thought not, so let’s enter the nether world of “Naughty Suki,” a world where witches, vampires and demons roam free.

Which is witch? – It’s quite difficult to tell in real life who is a witch and who isn’t. I think this crowd are making it pretty obvious though. If in doubt about someone, look them up on Wiccapedia!

The evil look – Naughty Me is quite sexy and seems to have chosen the right outfit to seduce this blonde Wiccan. Don’t worry, the wings and horns are detachable. It’s all only pretend “baddie.” I’m a goodie really.

Chatting up an angel – There! We both look more appealing without our kit on. Oh, fingers through her hair means she’s responding to my advances. Better get cracking!

A taste of pussy – Yum-yum! The guy in the hoodie interrupted us for a few seconds and then stayed to watch for a couple of hours. We should have charged him, I guess, but we were too busy to think of that.

The orb of light – See! Told you I was a good witch! The orb keeps me on the right path and gives me an electric shock if I stray off it, as I sometimes do.

A fun night out – I’m not sure about the guy, as it turned out that he wasn’t wearing a mask, but this is still my idea of a fun evening. My favourite redhead is in the driving seat and I can do nothing to stop all the orgasms she’s giving me.

Casting a spell – This reminds me a bit of how I write. She certainly has the knack for it, as well as the cleavage.

A magic cock – Guys will tell you anything to get you to suck them off. Don’t ever believe a word of it. I suppose some cocks are magic, now I come to think of it!

On the potter’s wheel – He may not be Patrick Swayze but Danny Boy can always do it for me. When I’m spinning I mould so easily in the right hands.

Conjuring up a cock – I’ve already got the balls in my hands (as souvenirs?) but I’m clearly in mourning for a lost cock. If I moan long and loud enough perhaps one will appear as if by magic.

Which ones are poisonous? – It’s so difficult to choose the right ones from so many possibilities, isn’t it? Yes, luv, you test them for bouncebackability. Don’t forget the taste test too.

The owl and the pussy – Yes, it’s a full moon and here we have another pussy in need. The owl may have the answer. The lady may be getting a visitor soon. At the very minimum there’s the chance of a box of chocolates.

Cooking for three – She’s determined to get her five-a-day as well as a tenderised meat course.

Another one for the pot – A light coating of caramel as sweetening and ninety minutes at Gas Mark 7 should produce a filling repast for the skinny witch.

Over the moon – It’s a bit late for quidditch at this hour but she looks as if she could turn that broomstick on a sixpence. I reckon it’s turning her on as well judging by that straddle and those firey pubes.

An embrace of evil – The She-Devil takes another blonde soul into her domain. Who could resist her?

Halloween at home – A witch and her concubine make the perfect couple to feature in “Unholy House and Garden,” a must read magazine for all those aspiring to the Dark Side.

Celebrating Halloween with pussy – She kissed a girl and liked it so much that she stopped dating her gardener. He looks a little pissed off, doesn’t he?

Dinner’s ready – Vampire Me has got herself a “Happy Meal.” Enjoy!

Entertaining the Demons from next door – Blondie has invited the neighbours round for nibbles and they’ve taken her literally! It’s probably a case of “Hated Him, Loved Her.” It usually is with Mr and Mrs Demon.

A powerful trio – Bananarama are reforming? No! These three witches have taken over the Forest for another reason (to put a hex on Notts County?). They’re planning a new fairy-tale in which Little Red Riding Hood ends up as the secret ingredient in a condom factory!

Halloween safety message – Valeria is demonstrating the latest broomstick safety harness. For a safe take-off and landing make sure your witch clunk clicks every trip.

Blind date safety – Meeting a group of strangers in the woods for the first time? Make sure you wear the barbed wire skirt with Mace and poison potion belt as your must-have accessory. Better safe than sorry!

Enigma – breaking the dress code – Daphne has been ostracised by the other coven members for flaunting the strict dress code. All of the other witches ignored her and her pleas for acceptance of diversity.

Finding your niche – Other covens of witches are more accepting of difference but it can still be hard to break into the little groups which form within the whole.

Getting over familiar – This witch has a really lovely personality but you’re going to have to get past her vicious familiar before you even have a chance of gaining her friendship. Talk to the goblin, ‘cause the witch ain’t listening.

Crop circles genetically engineered – This witch uses her magic to feed the Third World. These big vegetables are off to the Sudan before you can say “abracadabra!”

You can do magic – Don’t doubt it! Everyone has a little bit of magic in them. Of course, it helps if you can command the elements and dress like you’re just off to the Apocalypse (it’s a cinema in Islington, I think).

While stocks last – Another blonde victim meets her Nemesis. Not all evil-doers are women witches, you see. “Warlocks!” I hear you cry. It’s true. Some men prey on innocent young females, usually blondes. Watch out for them!

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