Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Suki at sixes and sevens

High heel walking practice – It’s nice to have a lovely view while walking, isn’t it? So make sure you imprint this image on your mind before your next walk.

Model Suki – What do you mean you’d prefer me not in an illustration and nude? You think a waistline like this comes natural, do you?

Making eyes at you – Put me on the wall and these eyes will follow you round the room, I swear.

Wet teeshirt winner – “See this is the best view in the theme park, buddy!” And I didn’t even have to enter a contest.

Sweet in shower – Wow! Why is it that some people are so friendly in the shower? I’d never met her before today.

Nice pillow – This is the best way to get a good night’s sleep.

Dominate me – My girlfriend is so good to me it just takes my breath away.

A prisoner below deck – Ah, the joys of ship-board entertainment! I’ve completely forgotten my sea-sickness.

Suki at Thanksgiving – Now just tell me how I’m supposed to eat turkey dinner!

Don’t hit me, Master – My boyfriend makes me beg to be spared punishment and then makes me beg again whenever I want to be punished. The beggar!

Suki’s missile crisis – I don’t know. The regimes at some of these all-inclusive holiday resorts can sometimes be a nightmare!

Steak dinner – You even have to catch and cook your own meals on occasions. If you think this guy looks pretty fucked now just wait till he’s been really fucked and spit-roasted later.

Spanish Senorita Suki – Time for a little flamenco before dinner, I think.

Rumanian holiday – The Transilvanian foothills are charming this time of year. If only we could stop the forest fires, dahling!

Naked ecstasy – God, he just hit the spot with his purple truncheon!

All the way, José – You wouldn’t believe I had it in me, would you?

Anal field – Well, that’s one way to waken you up in the mornings!

No idea what’s happening – Sorry, but this image has been pixelated to such an extent that I haven’t a clue what’s going on. You’ll just have to have a wild stab at it which is maybe what these guys are doing.

Suspended pussy – Whoops! I wasn’t expecting to be lowered so close to a mike on stage. I very nearly got a thrill I hadn’t bargained for.

Suki’s pets – Yes, my pets have been well cared for up to now and that’s how I want them to stay, “sir.”

Question time – I take no responsibility whatsoever for what people fantasise about me, except that they’re welcome to.

Suki is the darling of the medical profession – As you may have guessed I love to be poked and prodded by older men. I’m glad it happens so often.

Suki on her knees again – I don’t think much of the wallpaper but I’m ready to give someone another blow-job right now.

Smouldering Suki – Oh, someone has stood back and lit my blue touch-paper!

Up Suki – This girl’s for fucking, honey!

Welcome mat – I like visitors to be in no doubt how much I appreciate their visit.

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